2015 Caregiver of the Quarter - Second Quarter

2015 Caregiver of the Quarter - 2nd Quarter

Barbara can hardly remember a time when she wasn’t providing care for someone. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s what I need to do,” said Barb, Home Helpers of Hinsdale’s Caregiver of the Quarter.

As a child, Barb often stayed with her grandma, who needed someone around. Later, she helped her brother, her husband and her parents through illnesses and old age. In 2013, she brought her caregiving skills to Home Helpers.

Having been dissatisfied with the care her own father received in his final days, Barb came to Home Helpers determined to make every day as pleasant as she can for her clients and their families.

Harry was her very first client. Barb would prepare big, made-to-order breakfasts for Harry, who seemed to enjoy his caregiver’s company just as much as her cooking.

“Harry just adored Barb,” Care Manager Michelle Pantoja said. “She was like another daughter.”

When Harry died a few months ago, Barb said she felt as if she had lost a second father. She took some time away, but soon her help was needed again, and Barb was eager to help.

“She really goes above and beyond,” Pantoja said. Today, Barb cares for several people whose needs range from companionship to meal preparation – the two things she does best.

Barb works five days a week filling the needs, and the appetites, of her clients. But she never forgets that she also is working for their families.

“Their children and families are out working, out living their lives. They need to know that their loved one is being cared for properly,” Barb said. “Giving them peace of mind is what I love to do.”

Know someone with a caring spirit like Barb’s? Home Helpers is always looking for responsible, compassionate people to join our team of caregivers. For more information, CLICK the BUTTON BELOW, or call us at, (630) 323-7231.