2017 Caregiver of the Quarter - Third Quarter

2017 Caregiver of the Quarter - 3rd Quarter

Joy, Home Helpers’ Caregiver of the Quarter, said her job isn’t just to do things for people in her care. It’s to encourage them to do for themselves.

It’s a philosophy she has held since she first entered the healthcare field back in 1998.

Joy joined Home Helpers in January 2015 after moving to the area from Florida. A longtime CNA and graduate of Southwest Florida College with degrees in healthcare administration, medical administration, and medical billing and coding, she sought a place that would allow her to use her years of experience while also caring for her three children. She found it in Home Helpers.

“I just love it here,” said Joy. “They treat me just like family.”

And it’s her job each time she goes to work to do the same for her clients.

A live-in caregiver, Joy said she believes honesty and loyalty are her greatest caregiving traits.

Senior Care Manager Michelle Pantoja would add reliable and responsible to that list.

“She has the ability to care for even the most difficult clients with patience and compassion,” Pantoja said.

Joy’s experiences as a caregiver are a reminder of the importance of her job. When a client recently began choking, Joy intervened, helping to clear the client’s airway and calling 911.

Joy recently earned dementia certification, furthering her caregiving abilities.

“This is my calling,” Joy said. “Helping people is something that I really love. I want them to know there are people who really care.”

Learn how you, like Joy, can make a difference in someone’s life by joining the Home Helpers team of caregivers.