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Seven Ways Home Helpers’ In-Home Care Can Lead to Better Heart Health

We all know what we need to do to maintain a healthy heart. But as we age, once-simple tasks like shopping for healthy foods can become a chore. Even remembering to take prescribed medications can become difficult.

Home Helpers is here to help. Our caregivers are trained to perform a number of in-home care tasks that will help you or your loved one stick to your heart-healthy habits, including:

Meal Preparation

Eating right is so important to a healthy heart. But when cooking becomes a challenge, so does eating right.

Home Helpers caregivers can prepare heart-healthy meals and snacks that abide by the doctor’s orders while appealing to your taste buds.

Grocery Shopping

A heart-healthy diet means having plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand. Home Helpers caregivers can take you shopping, or do your shopping for you.

Prescription pick-ups

Getting to the pharmacy is no longer a problem. Home Helpers caregivers are licensed, insured drivers who can run your errands, including a stop at the pharmacy.

Transportation and support

Regular checkups are an important part of heart health, as are followups for any conditions you or your loved one might have. Home Helpers caregivers not only can provide reliable transportation, they also can serve as that vital second set of ears. If needed, your caregiver can work as your advocate, taking notes at visits and even making followup appointments.

We Make House Calls

As a licensed provider of skilled nursing services, Home Helpers can help you to monitor your health. Whether you’re recovering from a heart attack, managing heart disease or just trying to stay healthy, Home Helpers can provide physician-ordered services such as injections, Coumadin monitoring and blood draws, all without a trip to the doctor.

Gentle reminders

Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge to get off the couch, put down the ice cream or take your medication.

Home Helpers caregivers can provide all three, keeping you or your loved one on track for good health and quick recovery.

Relax. We’ve Got This.

Of all the things that can damage the heart, stress just might be at the top of the list. With a Home Helpers caregiver providing in-home care, you can forget about those things around the house that are causing you anxiety and put your energy toward more important things – like relaxing.


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