Macey M.

How long have you been with Home Helpers?

I have been with Home Helpers since November 2017. 

What is your background?

I am from Rome, Georgia.  I have two little boys.  I have worked in the hospital and nursing home for three years.  

Why do you like working for Home Helpers?

I love spending time with my clients and always making sure they are happy. 

What do you enjoy most about being a caregiver?

I like to see my clients happy and making sure they always have what they need.  

I felt like I made a difference in someone’s life when...

My patient was a huge Bama fan.  When they sent him home for hospice, I made him a promise I would contact Nick Saban and get him an autograph picture for him and a week later, Nick Saban did just that! 

When you are not caregiving, what do you enjoy most?

I enjoy spending time with my boys. 

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be and why? 

I would like to be in more than one place at one time.