Choose A Direct Link PERS Unit That Fits Your Lifestyle

Landline Medical Alert System

1. Compatible with standard or Digital/VoIP phone lines!

2. Battery back-up of up to 32 hours!

3. Alerts are sent to the Care Center when low battery is detected!

4. "Help" button works from up to 600 feet from the base unit!

5. Compatible with the "Fall Sensor" pendant!

Cellular Medical Alert System

1. 3G cell coverage across the U.S. and parts   of Canada!

2. Home phones are not required for operation!

3. Battery back-up of up to 24 hours!

4. Alerts are sent to the Care Center when low battery is detected!

5. "Help" button works from up to 650 feet!

6. Compatible with "Fall Sensor" pendant!

LifeSentry 2-Way Voice Pendant

Emergencies can happen anywhere in one’s home and even in the yard or driveway. With the press of only one button, our LifeSentry unit allows for instant and efficient communication from anywhere in or around the home to get help fast. The pendant is water-resistant so it can even be taken into the shower.

Mobile Care Unit

1. Mobile Personal Emergency Response System with built-in GPS!

2. You can travel anywhere with the Mobile Care Unit!

3. Adaptive, multi-sensor fall detection!

4. Two-way voice through the pendant!

5. Turn key call center response services!

6. Attractive design with soft touch button!

7. One touch set-up and easy to use!

Fall Sensor Pendant

When a fall or accident occurs and no sudden movement is detected with 10 seconds , and "unconsciousness" alarm will be raised and sent to the Care Center to get you the help you need. So if you can’t press the button after a fall the pendant will automatically do it for you. The Care Center will then activate the unit and talk to you to ensure that you are safe. In the event of an emergency, our Care Center will contact a caregiver, next-door neighbor, or emergency personnel when appropriate!