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Home Care Dwight IL

Home Care for Your Loved One
Everyone wants to entrust their senior loved ones to caregivers who are properly trained, professional and trustworthy. If you are looking for a companion to look after your elderly family members, Home Helpers Home Care of Bourbonnais caregivers in Dwight, IL, are more than qualified to provide proper senior care. Our in-home care providers are well trained to effectively and efficiently help our clients with their everyday activities like cooking, bathing and taking medications. With our caregivers, you can be sure that your loved ones are comfortable and properly cared for. We provide a variety of home care services, so whether you just need a day off from taking care of your elderly loved one or you need someone to look after them on a more regular basis, our skilled caregivers can help.

Home Care: Professionally Trained, Trustworthy and Compassionate Caregivers
Home Helpers Senior Home Care of Bourbonnais is among the best in home care today in Dwight, Illinois. We only hire caregivers who are really passionate about their jobs. We make sure all our caregivers are properly trained and have undergone thorough background checks and screenings. Our in-home service providers are very knowledgeable and well trained in CPR and first aid procedures and techniques. Additionally, our home health care workers are equipped with basic knowledge in caring for patients with Alzheimer’s and other forms dementia. You can personally choose a caregiver who is best suited to take care of your loved one from our qualified, professionally trained, trustworthy and compassionate caregivers. We believe that we can only attain the best possible care our client needs when we find a health care provider who has the specific skill set that perfectly matches the needs of every senior client.

Home Helpers Home Care: Making Life Easier
We know how much seniors rely on their relatives to take care of them especially during their prime years. Of course, we all want to be there for them while still being able to provide for their needs. We understand how hard it is to stay at home to take care of your loved ones while trying to earn a living. That’s why we are here. Home Helpers Senior Home Care can take care of your aging loved ones in times when you cannot do it yourself. Our home care assistance will ensure the safety, welfare, and companionship of your loved ones even when you’re not there. We provide a variety of programs to best suit the needs of your aging Mom or Dad in Dwight. Whether you just need it for a day or for a longer period of time, we are here to help.

Dwight IL Senior Home Care

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Dwight, Illinois

Dwight Illinois

Dwight, Illinois...a community that is located just 75 minutes southwest of Chicago, and 60 minutes northeast of Bloomington.

Come enjoy the sites as you visit historical landmarks, restaurants, and scenery. Dwight has an old-fashioned atmosphere, and friendly residents.

Dwight is a village located mainly in Livingston County, Illinois, with a small portion in Grundy County. The population was 4,260 at the 2010 census. Dwight contains an original stretch of the famous U.S. Route 66, and continuously used a railroad station designed in 1891 by Henry Ives Cobb from 1892 until 2016. It is about 80 miles southwest of Chicago. I-55 bypasses the village to the north and west.

Dwight was laid out on 30 January 1854 by Richard Price Morgan, Jr., James C. Spencer, and John Lathrop, each of these three men took a quarter of the land. All were working as engineers for the railroad. The final quarter jointly owned by two Bloomington brothers, Jesse W. Fell and Kersey H. Fell. The five were a distinguished group of men and all had links to the Chicago and Mississippi Railroad. Spencer was born in the Hudson River valley south of Albany; his ancestors included a United States Supreme Court Chief Justice and two governors of New York; he was later to have an important career in Wisconsin railroads. Lathrop was a civil engineer with a long history of working with canals and railroads in New York; he would soon return to Buffalo. Morgan was the son of a noted civil engineer and he later became nationally known for his work on electric railroads in New York. The Fell brothers were well-connected Bloomington land developers who had been active in helping found many central Illinois towns including Clinton, Normal, Pontiac, and Towanda. They were employed by the railroad as land agents; the Fells are perhaps best known today for their role in persuading Abraham Lincoln to write his autobiography. The plan of the founders was to purchase a block of land along the route of the railroad and to divide it into four equal parts. Morgan would then take charge of the operation. He would draw up a plat of the new town, sell the lots, and divide the proceeds among the others. The station was to be placed at the point where the four quarters met. Any unsold lots would be divided among the partners. The other men seemed to believe that Morgan was acting in the interest of the railroad. The town was named for Henry Dwight, who had funded most of the building of this part of the railroad. The Chicago and Mississippi soon became the Chicago and Alton Railroad. Attempts in 1858 to rename it Jersey, Beckman, or Dogtown failed.

In 1869 the prospects of Dwight were improved when a second railroad was constructed linking Dwight with Streator, Illinois. In the same year, the Chicago and Alton Railroad was double tracked from Odell to Gardner. The first brick house in Dwight was built in 1872. H By 1891 it became clear that the growing town needed a new railroad station and the railroad hired Henry Ives Cobb to design the building. The result was a splendid Richardson Romanesque building, which in 1982, was added to the National Register of Historic Places as the Dwight Railroad Station. Another new downtown building now on the National Register was Frank L. Smith Bank opened in 1906, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. In 1879 Dwight physician, Dr. Leslie Keeley, working with Richard Oughton, announced that he had found a cure for alcoholism based on gold chloride. The Keeley Institute soon became world-famous treating hundreds of thousands of patients including Elliott Roosevelt, the brother of President Theodore Roosevelt. The John R. Oughton House, on the south side of Dwight, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. In 1930 the state of Illinois established the Oakdale Reformatory for Women in Dwight, which has since become the Dwight Correctional Center. In 1921 paving was finished on the Chicago to Springfield road, which in 1926 was designated as Route 66. In 1964 the first phase of Interstate 55 was completed and Dwight became an increasingly a highway oriented town.