Kay Jurica - 2018 Home Helpers Spirit of Adam Brown Award Winner

2018 National Conference - Home Helpers Spirit of Adam Brown Award Winner!

2018  Home Helpers Spirit of Adam Brown Award Winner - Kay JuricaKay Jurica (center), receives the 2018 Home Helpers Spirit of Adam Brown Award from CEO Emma Dickison (left) and Senior VP Franchise Services Cheryl Hammons

It was a truly special moment at the National Conference last May when this year’s Home Helpers Spirit of Adam Brown Award was handed out.

First, Adams’ widow, Michelle Brown, was in attendance and came up to the stage to help make the presentation. Making the moment even more memorable was the reaction of the winner, who was extremely honored to be given this esteemed achievement.

Adam Brown was the type of owner who personified all the best in a Home Helpers owner, including a commitment to providing exceptional care while growing his business, making significant achievements, and contributing to the system in various ways to make it stronger. His untimely passing left a void in our ownership group. This award is given each year in his honor to keep his memory alive.

This year’s recipient, Kay Jurica, is adamant that she will never compromise on providing exceptional care to her clients. Like Adam, she exemplifies everything you’d want in a representative of Home Helpers.

Kay is always encouraging her neighboring owners and is the first to call when another owner is going through a crisis. She is active as a member of the Communications Council and extremely active in her Growth Group in Illinois. Kay is able to deftly form, embrace, and execute a measurable business plan.

Intense and driven, Kay established a goal to build an operation that can run without her daily input. She’s done well in that regard, reducing her hours by 40%. Her FBC, Bob Blizzard, calls Kay an honest, demanding, and a fair owner whose main priority is providing top-notch care to her clients.

Kay’s reaction upon receiving the award will not be soon forgotten, which perfectly illustrates both how much she was deserving of it and how much Adam Brown’s memory and influence is still treasured by those who knew him. If you speak with Kay, be sure to congratulate her on this achievement!