Assisted Living Vital Signs Monitoring

Monitor Chronic Illnesses Safely & Accurately

Save time and money and reduce your number of unnecessary ER and hospital visits by monitoring chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, hypertension and COPD, from the comfort of home! With our exclusive Direct Link vital sign monitoring units, you can easily measure glucose, blood pressure, pulse and weight everyday at your convenience without leaving home. A trained Home Helpers health care professional can also perform these services if you choose. If a reading is abnormal, a trained staff member from The Care Center will call to alert a designated contact person, providing you and your loved ones peace of mind knowing you’re receiving accurate results every time - day and night!

A Department of Veteran Affairs study found a 25% reduction in the average number of days hospitalized and a 19% reduction in hospitalization costs for patients using Telemonitoring.

Weight Monitoring

Weight scales are most effective in controlling obesity in clients with diabetes and for detecting early warning signs of CHF and hypertension. We have a number of different models available that connect directly to our monitoring unit, including wired or wireless versions.

Blood Pressure Monitor

People with congestive heart failure, hypertension and COPD often require their blood pressure to be monitored. Our easy-to-use monitor works at the push of a button helping to ensure optimal cardiac functioning.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Our easy-to-use Blood Glucose monitoring unit is compatible with 90% of the glucometers on the market today, allowing you to keep your current glucometer.

Pulse Oximeter Monitor

Worn on the fingertip of the pointer finger, the Pulse Oximeter determines the level of oxygen in the blood and is often used for those with COPD and other heart and lung conditions.