Why Our Family Chose Home Helpers

Why Our Family Chose Home Helpers

An In-Depth Review of Home Helpers from a Client’s Perspective

Client Testimonial for Home Helpers of Lake Country

"You’re probably reading this because you have a loved one (or loved ones) needing help staying in their own home. Safety is a concern. Respect is a concern. Health and meds and physical care are concerns. Perhaps companionship and mental stimulation are concerns. Perhaps there have been falls. Perhaps there have been medical crises and trips to the ER in ambulances. Perhaps you fear those 2 AM phone calls. You wonder about nursing homes or assisted living as an option, but don’t know how you’ll know when it’s time to get help or move or move-in.

Fortunately for me and my parents, I ran into a friend last spring who asked me how my folks were doing and immediately shared her experiences with Dave and Lisa at Home Helpers and how they took care of her mom. She gave me their phone number. I called them. Thank heavens.

Three months ago, Dave and Lisa came to my parents’ home to do their assessment. Home Helpers is a national franchise; this married couple make their own home in the area and have their office down on Four Corners. They understand love of community and they know the people in our lake country. Dave had the business/financial answers, and Lisa has decades of experience in geriatrics and PT. They asked questions. They listened. They observed with years of knowing what to see and hear, and what to look for that was unseen and unsaid. They were gracious and funny and kind and reassuring. Within a half-hour, I saw they had dispelled much of the initial resistance that my parents had to the idea of home help. Even all that would not have been enough, but it was Dave and Lisa’s experienced understanding of what my parents wanted and needed (and just as importantly, didn’t want and THOUGHT they didn’t need) combined with Home Helpers’ ability to make that happen as soon as we said “GO.” We said GO.

Dave and Lisa Schmidt - Owners of Home Helpers Lake Country

Again, thank heavens we did, and thank heavens for Katelyn. My parents’ home health case supervisor, Katelyn, is a joyful whirlwind, devoted and conscientious. I have tapped her many times for her medical knowledge and geriatric trends, and she will always answer honestly. She warns me that sometimes, it’ll get worse before it gets better, and she’s right. She is my pair of eyes and ears when I’m not there, contacting me immediately with any issues or concerns. She explains new developments and suggests solutions. She is level and firm. My parents trust and love her. Her work ethic is amazing. Her strength is amazing. Her patience with me AND my parents is amazing. If a new helper is sent in on any given night, Katelyn is usually the one who comes in with her to introduce her to my parents and personally show her the ropes. Any night that Katelyn shows up at the door, my parents both light up.

Home Helpers schedules the caregivers a week out, so my parents always have a list of who is coming on which nights. This is very helpful. I am also sent that schedule on my computer. On a few nights, where we had to change the timeframe or Home Helpers had a medical emergency elsewhere and had to send someone else, they always worked with us to make sure we were covered. There is no question too small. They get back to us immediately with any questions we have.

All the workers show up on time and know what to do. The kind of person that goes into this career—it’s truly a calling. With my parents’ caregivers, there is a variety of ages and years of experience; Dad has commented on how even the younger ones are so mature and so efficient. He enjoys their cheerful energy and kindness and they tease him right back—which makes the in-home health help situation much happier than either of my parents could have anticipated. Mom told me exactly what she wanted to say in this review: “We are so blessed to be under the care of Home Helpers.” This, from my mother, the woman who for almost all of her ninety years has always been the one who gives, who lives to help others—she is accepting the fact that she and Dad are still together in their own home because of Home Helpers.

If you’re reading this, you might be where we were three months ago. This is all new, uncharted territory for us, this aging thing. How to help, how to accept help, how to love enough, how to know whether or not you’re doing the right thing. How to keep them safe. And happy.

I can tell you that it does help to have guidance from people like Katelyn and Home Helpers who have been down this path before and know the way." – Mary Jo N.