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Care Benefits for Veterans & Their Spouse

By Glenn Holden

  Many veterans are unsure of whether or not they qualify for VA Aide & Attendance benefits. This is a very valuable benefit that can help pay for many health related expenses for veterans and spouses, including In Home Care. For veterans of all ages, if they have any difficulty at home, they may be eligible. It is provided to veterans who served during a time of active conflict, but that doesn’t mean they had to have served in a combat situation.

  There are lots of questions surrounding this benefit. Here are three of the most common that we hear about this pension, as well the answers that can provide some clarification.

Question #1: Do I have to be considered a wartime veteran? The answer is simply, yes. In order to qualify, the individual must be considered a wartime veteran. This does not, though, mean they had to have fought in a forward combat situation. It means they had to have at least served 90 days of active duty service, some of which was during a time of conflict as defined by Congress. As of this year, this means the veteran needs to have served during either World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, or the Gulf War.

Question #2: How much active duty service do I need to qualify? Veterans who served active duty during the above listed wars need at least 90 days active duty service in order to qualify for this particular pension.

Question #3: Are their any income and asset limits to qualify? Yes. In order to qualify for the Aid and Attendance Benefit, the VA currently has a threshold limit of $119,000 for combined income and assets. In some situations, a primary residence will not count toward the asset limit, and this is a new threshold. In the past, the income and asset guidelines were subjective and it caused a great deal of frustration for many veterans.

If a veteran is in need of home care support for long-term care, they don’t have a lot of income or assets to pay for this level of support, and if they are considered a wartime veteran, they are encouraged to look into the Aid and Attendance Benefit more closely. Applying for this pension as early as possible can be extremely beneficial because it can take many months for the approval process to be completed. Feel free to call our office for more information and assistance in applying. Our office number is 704-909-7958.

Glenn Holden is a co-owner at Home Helpers & Direct Link of Central NC. For more information, visit our website today at www.lknhomecare.com, or call us at 704-909-7958.