Transportation Services

Non-emergency Transportation Services

Reliable transportation with a dedicated caregiver

Our team at Home Helpers is dedicated to ensuring safety & independence for all that we serve. We recognize the need for cost Non emergency transportation from Home Helperseffective ways to ensure that clients can be safely transported to a treatment center, Doctor’s office, hospital, etc, as well as returned to the comfort of their homes. As an example, the typical Transport For Care Service to a facility would include:

Pickup & transport to the facility of choice.
Trained caregivers will work with you to assure your comfort & safety.
Remain with client during & after treatment.
Return transportation to the home.
Pickup medications, groceries, etc.
Meal preparation.
Follow-up transportation & errand service.
Additional services & duration based on need.

To set up a Transportation Appointment, simply call our office at 704-909-7958. We will be happy to assist you.

Some limitations & restrictions apply. Home Helpers has been providing care services since 1997. In addition to the above Transportation service, we offer Senior Care, New Mom Assistance, and Respite Care, as well as a complete line of emergency life line products.