Caregiver Reviews

Caregiver Reviews

Our exceptional caregivers are what make Home Helpers a compassionate caring company. We strive to make their careers at Home Helpers enjoyable and fulfilling and love to hear the positive experiences from our employees!

"I’ve worked at Home Helpers for over two years now and it is the best job I’ve ever had. The staff in the office are so nice. The clients are sweet and I’ve learned a lot about people and life working here." -Christian 

"Home helpers is a great agency. I love working with them. It has taught me so much and the people in the office are very friendly." -Madison

"I’ve been working for Home Helpers of Lancaster for several months now, and it is by far the best job I’ve ever had. The scheduler is fantastic. The management is kind and understanding. I’ve never been as satisfied working anywhere in my life." -Ashton

"I couldn’t imagine working for a better company! Everyone from the office staff to my clients feels like family. Every day I wake up and thank God I found Home Helpers of Lancaster!" -Laura 

"Love doing my job as caregiver! Everyday I go to work knowing I’m making a big difference in my clients life helping them know I care for them." -Shirley 

"I got a client who was in the process of passing away and I was there to help the family. His wife was very upset and struggling. I helped in every way I could and was there to support her. He passed that night. Months later I was in the store and I saw his wife. She said she felt like I was a gift from God to her family. She said she thought of me a lot, which was nice because I thought about her and her husband a lot too. It was a great feeling!" -Shada

"I cared for a veteran who was under hospice and bed bound. When he would start getting frustrated or upset, I would sing the National Anthem for him. It always cheered him right up and he could sing with me. He also had a huge sweet tooth so I brought him a variety box I made up of Girl Scout cookies." -Laura

"I have a client where I would go occasionally in the evenings. This little, sweet, loving woman has memory problems. She does not remember anyone’s name that isn’t family. This past Sunday, when she was ready to get up in the morning, I went to her room and she said, "Kayla, is that you?!" She was so excited I was there. We talked the whole morning and watched Sunday mass."-Kayla

"My client wanted to go on the scenic train ride in Nelsonville, Ohio. She has issues with weakness and moving around can be challenging and scary for her. Even though it was rainy and chilly the day we went, she didn’t care. She was so excited to go. Getting on the train took some time and she put a lot of trust in me to get her on that train, which I will never forget and will always appreciate. When we got back to the car, she hugged me and said thank you. That within itself made my day knowing I made hers."-Becky

"My client never got to go anywhere outside her building. She was a beautiful woman of 85 and loved ice cream. We started taking weekly trips to Dairy Queen She would get excited and tell me wonderful stories from her childhood-and all her memories about ice cream of course! Then she told me how much she loved Rising Park, so I would drive there and park so she could watch the ducks and the children play. It was just as nice for me as it was for her. It doesn’t take much to make someone’s world a better place." -Victoria