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Six Benefits Elder Care Provides That People Often Overlook

By Kaltoon Essa

Your mom and dad aren't keeping up with vacuuming, dusting, and dishes. They don't drive anymore, so you're concerned they never go out if you don't take them. Elder care services cover those needs. The home care services include transportation and light housekeeping. That's just a small part of the services caregivers offer. Here are six that people often overlook.

#1 – Companionship is an essential part of anyone's life. You need to engage in conversations and spend time with others. It's important to your mental, emotional, and physical health. After retirement, seniors may find it harder to catch up with former co-workers. Friends move to new states or countries for retirement and the circle of close friends shrinks. Caregivers can come to your parent's home for conversations and companionship without having to do anything else.

#2 – Grocery shopping can be hard to fit into a schedule. Your mom and dad don't drive, so grocery trips have to happen on your days off. If your parents run out mid-week, you must make a special trip or they have to go without. Caregivers can take your parents shopping and make sure they always have the items they need for meals and snacks.

#3 – Scheduling appointments is another task family caregivers find hard to fit into the daily schedule. Your breaks at work are your time, and you don't want to have to spend a lunch break on hold while trying to make an appointment. Not only can caregivers schedule appointments, but they can also drive your parents to and from the business or office for that appointment.

#4 – Brushing and flossing teeth seem easy enough, but add arthritis to the equation and it's challenging. Your mom or dad needs someone to brush and floss their teeth each morning and night. You aren't always there, but a caregiver can be around to help with personal hygiene.

#5 – Keeping up with laundry is another task that seniors may struggle with. It's something that may be hard for them to admit they just can't do. Instead, your mom is wearing the same sweater for the fifth day in a row. It's starting to smell of sweat, and that embarrasses her. Caregivers can take over laundry and make sure there's always clean clothing available.

#6 – Respite care is a home care option that benefits both you and your parent. A caregiver comes in and helps out so that you get a break. You can use respite care to go on vacation, run errands, or go out with friends. It's a beneficial elder care service as it can help prevent caregiver burnout.

The main goal of elder care is to make sure your parents are able to live independently. If you feel your parents would be safer and healthier with help at home, start researching caregivers. Call an elder care agency with your questions and see how caregivers can make a difference.

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