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Keep Loved Ones Safe from Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

By Kaltoon Essa

Elderly adults often experience impaired mobility as they struggle with certain health issues that diminish balance, muscle strength and stamina. Their reflexes also slow down, making it more difficult for them to recover their balance if they start to slip. This makes them more at risk for injuries due to a slip and fall accident. Winter weather also increases the risk of a slip and fall accident, thanks to ice and snow on the ground and moisture tracked inside on hard surfaces.

Family caregivers will be happy to know that weather-related slip and fall accidents are preventable if they and others take precautions and prepare their aging relative for going out.

Winter is Dangerous for Elderly Adults

Slip and fall accidents can cause numerous injuries in elderly adults and winter weather greatly increases the risk. Common injuries from slip and fall accidents include scrapes, concussions, broken bones and pulled muscles. These injuries are serious and could seriously have an impact on an elderly person’s health and wellness.

Because winter brings ice and snow, seniors need to be even more sure of their footing. Family caregivers have several options when it comes to keeping their loved ones safer from slip and fall accidents in winter. When family caregivers and elder care providers commit to reducing the risk of a slip and fall accidents, they need to implement several strategies for overcoming ice and snow.

How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents All Winter

These are some excellent safety tips for family caregivers and elder care providers on how to reduce the risk of a slip and fall accident for an elderly adult.

  • Prevent slippery spots inside by putting absorbent welcome mats at doors
  • Leave shoes at the doors to prevent slush from falling onto hard flooring surfaces
  • Get more traction on icy surfaces with non-skid soled shoes
  • Wear shoes that fit snugly, not loose slip-ons
  • Focus on taking small and steady steps when walking outdoors in winter
  • Use any support objects when outside, such as stair rails and hand railing
  • Upgrade to non-slip rubber tips for any canes or walkers used by the elderly adult
  • Select walking paths that have been shoveled, salted and otherwise treated for ice
  • Arrange for an elder care provider to accompany the elderly adult outside

Winter weather can make even the steadiest senior experience a slip and fall accident, so it’s a good idea for family caregivers and elder care providers to think about safety and all necessary preparations to keep elderly adults as safe as possible.

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most serious things that can happen to an elderly adult, leading to months of recovery from injuries. To avoid the issues associated with a significant slip and fall accident due to winter weather conditions, family caregivers and elder care providers can take preventative actions right away.

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