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Can Your Parents Afford Senior Care?

By Kaltoon Essa

You don't want your parents struggling with daily activities. They worry about the cost of senior care services. They might not even enjoy the thought of needing help and fight your requests to hire caregivers. Usually, it's the cost that becomes the focal point. Can your parents afford senior care?

Can They Afford Not To?

Home care services may seem expensive, but what happens if you skip caregivers and try to do it yourself? Family caregivers often experience tremendous stress. They're not accustomed to providing senior care, and they're less likely to take time off.

Seniors who don't have help with activities of daily living are more likely to struggle with meals and socialization. Once your mom or dad can't drive, it's unlikely they'll go out to stores and friends' houses. Arthritis and weakening muscles can make it difficult to stand for long periods to cook a meal or prep ingredients.

If your parent's mobility changes and a fall occurs, what happens then? Would anyone know? One Florida woman had a stroke and fell, but her daughter only checked on her once a week. She was on the floor for three days before anyone found her.

Rates Depend on the Services Needed

When it comes to senior care, the rates will vary. For a senior who needs a few hours of care once a week, rates will be completely different to someone who needs help with bathing, toileting, and meals.

You can save money by pitching in. If you can help your mom and dad on Friday and your sister can on weekends, you'd only have four days when care might be needed. See if other family members can chip in and help take a day here and there to fill your parents' senior care schedule.

Slash Other Expenses

If your parents have part-time senior care, do they still need to own a car? You can save money when you cancel auto insurance, maintenance on a car, and gasoline costs.

You can also save money on takeout meals by hiring a caregiver to cook nutritious meals at home. Not only will they eat more of a variety, but they're also getting away from takeout that is often higher in sugar, sodium, and fat.

The Best Way to Discover Senior Care Rates is By Calling

Talk to a home care agency. A senior care representative can talk to you about the prices and ways families make senior care affordable. Call now.

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