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Five Big Ways You’ll Know it’s Time for Your Senior to Stop Driving

By Kaltoon Essa

When it comes time to figure out whether your senior should still be driving or not there are a lot of different variables. You don’t want to make the wrong choices, but you want her to be safe. These big red flags can help you have that tough talk with your senior sooner rather than later.

She’s Nervous When Driving

Confidence is key for a driver of any age. If it seems like your senior has lost her confidence behind the wheel, she likely has. She may be acknowledging to herself, if not to you or to others, that driving is becoming a lot more difficult for her than she would like. You can tell she might be nervous because she’s driving more slowly or she’s hesitant when she’s moving the car.

She Seems to Be More Distracted When Driving

If you’re noticing that your elderly family member seems to be distracted behind the wheel, that’s dangerous for her. She might be paying more attention to the radio or to the GPS than she is to the road. Look for other signs that she’s not putting her full attention on driving and then ask her how she feels when she’s driving.

The Car Is Looking Worse and Worse

The car can tell you some secrets about your senior’s ability to drive. If you’re noticing that there are more and more problems with the car, like dents and scratches, that could mean that she’s having difficulty driving safely. There might be damage to other things, too, like her garage. Make it a habit to examine the car regularly so you can keep up with what’s going on.

No One Is Allowed to Ride with Her Anymore

Depending on how bad your senior’s driving has gotten you might find that she’s banned people from her car. For some aging adults this happens after people start criticizing their driving. Others are a little more aware that their driving is slipping and they don’t want anyone else to notice. Regardless, if you’re not allowed to ride along anymore, that’s suspicious.

She Announces She’s Done Driving

You might luck out, after all of this wondering. Some aging adults will let you know that they’re done driving. She might be acknowledging that she doesn’t feel safe while driving or she might no longer want the hassle. Regardless, it’s time to put other options in place right away.

Make sure you have alternative in place for your senior, just in case she’s ready to stop driving. Home care providers doing the driving is a lot safer and can even be enjoyable for your senior.

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