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When Is Home Care the Right Solution for Your Senior?

By Kaltoon Essa

Every situation is slightly different, but you still might be wondering when elderly care providers would be right for your senior. The answer really lies in what she needs and what home are can do for her.

She Has Transportation Needs

When your senior needs help with transportation, she may see no other option at all. But elder care providers can take over the driving for her, leaving her far safer. Having transportation available consistently can keep her from trying to sneak off in the car.

She Needs Help around the House

Your elderly family member may also find that it’s not as easy as it once was to handle all those little tasks around the house. Light housekeeping takes more effort now than it used to take, which can be both frustrating and draining for her. She needs to spend the energy that she has as wisely as possible.

She Has Errands that Need to Be Run

Errands are another task, like housekeeping, that just never seems to end. Having help with running those can keep your senior to get through the task, if she’s up for tackling them. But if she’s not up to running them at all, she can delegate them.

She Needs Help with ADLs

Activities of daily living, also called ADLs, are those activities that need to be done every day by your senior. They’re activities like getting out of bed, brushing her teeth, showering, and eating. These types of activities can become more difficult for your elderly family member as her health changes, which leaves her in need of specific help.

She Needs Companionship

Your senior might also be at a stage where what she needs the most is a friendly face. So often family members and friends live far away and that leaves your senior feeling lonelier than she might have in the past. This can especially be difficult if she doesn’t get out much or her mobility is hampered. Elderly care providers can help to fill multiple needs for her beyond assistance. Sometimes a smiling face is the most helpful thing that someone else can provide.

Elderly care providers can help you and your aging family member with so many daily concerns she might face. As her needs change, so too can the assistance that home care services offer to your senior. Having the right help when she needs it the most is crucial.

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