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4 Reasons to Use an Agency for Home Care

By Kaltoon Essa

Drew knew it was time to get his elderly mother, Sarah, some help. She was still able to live on her own but was having trouble doing some regular daily activities. Arthritis in her hands made it hard for her to fasten the buttons on her clothing, prepare food, lift heavy items, and do other household tasks. Drew helped her as often as he could, but he lived a few hours away, so he couldn’t be there every day. A friend suggested he hire someone to visit his mom each day to help her dress in the morning and make sure she had healthy meals to eat. Drew thought that was a great idea, but he wasn’t sure where to turn to find help. He knew he could put an ad in the paper to find someone. He also knew that there were home care agencies he could use.

If you’re confused about whether to hire an individual to help your aging relative or use a home care agency, below are 4 reasons a home care agency is the right choice.

#1: A home care agency takes care of background checks.

You want to make sure your older family member is safe and that the person taking care of them is an upstanding citizen, which means you’ll need to conduct a background check on any individual candidates you consider. That can be time consuming. Home care agencies carefully screen all of their employees to ensure all clients receive excellent care from someone they can trust.

#2: There’s no need to conduct interviews.

When you hire an individual for home care, you’ll have to schedule and conduct interviews for all the possible candidates. That can mean hours of your time. You might even have to take time off work to fit the interviews in. When you use a home care agency, all the work of interviewing and selecting qualified employees has been done for you.

#3: Agencies can send replacements when providers take vacation time or get ill.

Individual providers will occasionally need days off or may need to call in sick sometimes. That can mean that the older adult doesn’t have any help that day or that you have to take time off work to be with them. Agencies take care of scheduling issues and make sure seniors have help during their scheduled times.

#4: There’s no need to worry about having to re-hire.

If the individual you hire doesn’t work out or quits, the whole process of hiring starts all over with the background checks, interviews, and ensuring the individual is aware of the older adult’s needs. If a home care provider from an agency isn’t a good fit for your senior family member, the agency will work with you to find someone who is. And, when one of their staff members quits, they schedule someone else to care for your loved one.

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