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5 Things Home Care Can Do to Help a Senior with Cancer

By Kaltoon Essa

When an older adult has cancer, it’s likely they will need help with many things. Cancer is a complicated disease and the treatments used can cause challenging side effects. While family members may want to be there for the older adult, supporting someone with cancer isn’t a single person job. If you’re struggling to keep up with all the things your loved one needs while being treated for cancer, home care is an excellent option for offering the senior some additional support. Below are 5 things a home care provider can do to help.

#1: Emotional Support

Having cancer can be frightening, confusing, and overwhelming. Sometimes it just helps to have someone around to talk to or to keep the senior’s mind off their illness. A home care provider can be a supportive companion who listens when the older adult needs to talk. They can also offer activities and conversation when the senior needs a distraction. Some activities a home care provider can do with your loved one are playing games, reading to them, watching movies, or doing crafts.

#2: Run Errands

When the older adult is feeling too weak or tired to do things like go grocery shopping or to the post office, a home care provider can run errands for them. Home care providers can plan meals with the senior to create a shopping list, which ensures the older adult gets the items they want. Home care providers can also do smaller tasks, like collecting the mail from the mail box or helping the senior pay their bills.

#3: Provide Transportation

Older adults who cannot drive themselves will need a way to get to treatment appointments. Home care providers can drive them to treatment and sit with them through it. In addition, home care providers can offer transportation to other places, including stores, friends’ houses, and places of worship.

#4: Take Care of the House

The senior may be unable to keep up with house work during treatment, but a home care provider can keep the house clean and pleasant. Home care providers can vacuum, dust, and perform other actions that keep the house tidy.

#5: Help Deal with Side Effects

The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation can leave the older adult feeling quite ill. They may be tired, nauseated, or develop infections. Having a home care provider who can run errands, make meals, and keep the house clean can allow older adults to relax when they are affected by fatigue. Home care providers can help with nausea by offering clear liquids throughout the day and preparing meals and snacks that are easy to eat. A home care provider can also watch for signs of infection and report them to family caregivers so the senior can get medical attention.


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