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What Kinds of Goals Does Your Aging Adult Have?

By Kaltoon Essa

Even if she's never listed them out for you, your aging adult has some goals around her life now and in the future. These might be some of the goals your elderly family member has in mind.

Living in Her Own Home

Most aging adults want to do something called aging in place. This means that they live in their own home for as long as is possible. Your senior has likely lived in her own home for a long time now and the idea of being forced to change her living situation due to her health can be scary.

Remaining in Control of Her Daily Life

Hand in hand with aging in place is the concept of retaining control of her daily life. This means remaining autonomous and not having you or other people dictating what she does and when she does it. Your senior is an adult, after all, and she's made these kinds of decisions for a long time. Even in cases where your elderly family member is cognitively affected, she can likely make more decisions than you realize.

Living with as Little Pain as Possible

Pain is debilitating. One of your elderly family member's bigger goals might be to reduce or limit the pain she deals with as much as possible. Work with your senior's doctor to determine what types of pain management plans you can put into place. This might involve changing her diet, adding exercise to her daily routine, or seeking specific therapies that might help.

Spending Time with People She Loves

If your senior has lots of friends and family, she may want to see them as often as possible. This is vital for helping her to avoid isolation and loneliness, so it's a goal that is far more important than it might seem at first. Talk with your senior's friends and family to determine how you can help her remain as social as possible.

Having a Good Quality of Life

Quality of life might mean different things to different people, but in general it means that your elderly family member enjoys her life every day. Talk to your elderly family member about quality of life means for her so that you can put a plan in place that works for her.

When you understand your senior's goals as clearly as possible, it's easier for you to put tools in place that help her. For instance, she may want to be as independent as possible and elderly care providers can help her to do just that.

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