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Four Ideas to Help Your Senior to Stay Hydrated

By Kaltoon Essa

Hydration is a big challenge for many aging adults, especially when the weather starts to warm up. Try some of these tips to see how they work for your senior.

Use a Big Bottle for the Day

Some people need some visual motivation and a big bottle of water filled up every morning can do that. It’s a visual reminder all day long that your senior is able to see and hopefully sip from and stick with until later in the day. It can be hugely rewarding to her to find that by late afternoon or so, she’s finished off the whole bottle.

Mark Different Times and Goals on a Bottle

If the big bottle is intimidating, your senior might benefit from a smaller container and more motivation. Take a bottle and mark off estimates of an ounce or two. Write different times along each mark or include activities like right after she wakes up, breakfast, pill time, and other activities throughout the day. The reminders can show here approximately when she should be sipping some water and about how much she should have downed by a certain point of her day.

Sip Some Water After a Bathroom Visit

A full glass of water is a lot smaller than most people realize at eight ounces. After a bathroom break, encourage your senior to get in the habit of sipping a full glass of water. If she’s drinking when she’s thirsty throughout the day and sipping a full glass after each bathroom visit, she should be pretty close to well hydrated. A bonus is that she’ll be sure to continue visiting the bathroom, too.

Drink a Full Glass Before Eating

If your elderly family member is concerned about her weight, she might be interested in sipping a full glass of water before she eats. This can help her stomach to feel a little fuller, which can be a huge benefit if she struggles with portion sizing.

Use Alarms as Reminders

Alarms throughout the day are fantastic for people who tend to be a little more forgetful. If your senior is busy with a lot of different activities, consider setting an alarm for every hour that is just about reminding her to sip a little bit of water. Eventually she might not need the alarm once she builds a habit.

Getting enough water can feel like an intimidating task for both you and your aging adult. Elder care providers can help your senior to find a hydration routine that she enjoys and that she can stick with for the long run.

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