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Is Your Senior Suddenly Losing Weight?

By Kaltoon Essa

Your senior might have started out losing just a few of those last stubborn pounds, but if you’re noticing that she’s lost a lot of weight, that’s a problem. There can be a few different reasons for this situation.

Her Food Tastes Different to Her

Your elderly family member’s senses change with age. They can also change if she’s taking medications that affect how food tastes or smells. But no matter what the cause is, if food doesn’t taste how your senior expects it to taste, she might not be as interested in eating it. This is especially true if favorite dishes now taste “off” to her. Experimenting with different spices can help, as can trying new types of recipes that don’t rely on flavors she remembers and expects to taste again.

Her Health Is Shifting

Along with changing how your senior experiences her food, some health conditions cause rapid weight loss. These health conditions can cover a lot of ground, so her doctor might need to narrow things down via testing and comparing her other symptoms. Existing health issues might have worsened, which can also cause weight loss. Talk with her doctor to see if you can narrow down potential causes.

She’s Making Iffy Food Choices

Your senior might be choosing to eat foods that aren’t as healthy for her, too. Convenience foods are a common choice among elderly people because they’re very easy. The problem is that these foods are often packed with preservatives and too much sugar or salt. Empty calories can also mean that your senior feels full, but she’s not getting nutrients. While some people gain weight eating this way, your elderly family member might lose weight.

Maybe She’s Not Eating at All

A bigger problem than eating foods that aren’t nutritionally rich is that your senior might not be eating much of anything at all. She might be having trouble cooking or find that the idea of going shopping is just too much. She may be stuck in a loop where she doesn’t want to be a burden and adding this to your plate feels like too much, too. Whatever the cause is, you need to convince her to start eating again.

It's vital for you to get to the bottom of whatever might be causing your senior’s weight loss. When you have an understanding of the reasons, you can put solutions in place. It might be as simple as hiring elderly care providers to do the cooking and the shopping for her.

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