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Nutritional Meals: A Caregiver’s Role in Cooking for Clients

When you provide in-home care for seniors who need it in your area, there are a lot of things to consider throughout your day. From helping with medication and home services to the caregiver’s duty to monitor the ongoing health of clients, senior care is a complex job. That’s why it can be easy to lose sight of some of the small details. It’s important to remember, though, that those small details can make a big difference in your client’s quality of life.

Fresh vs. Processed Foods

One way that a lot of people skip steps is in food preparation. Convenience foods that come in a box and ready to reheat are ubiquitous in society, and it is easy to get into a habit of relying on them. This is true for you personally and for your client, but the difference is that you will usually have the choice to prepare something for yourself, whereas your client may very well be in a situation where they have to rely on processed food unless you are available to cook for them.

To help your clients have the best in-home care possible, Home Helpers of Lehigh Valley recommends that you cook with fresh ingredients as often as possible. Fresh food doesn’t have to be complex, though. There are a number of meal ideas that avoid processed foods without adding a lot of effort to the day.

Simple Fresh Meal Ideas

When you want to prepare something fresh and healthy, consider these options. Just keep in mind your clients’ dietary restrictions and allergies, if they have any.

  • Casseroles: You can combine fresh or canned vegetables with cheese, fresh meats, and other ingredients to make a number of different taste combinations with short prep times and little worry during cooking.
  • Grilled or Baked Chicken: Grilled chicken works great in a salad, alongside one on its own or as part of a sandwich, and as the base for many other dishes with more complex sides, and it is easy to prepare. In a pinch, baking works well too.
  • Turkey Meatloaf: Using ground turkey and serving your meatloaf with fresh vegetables helps to control the calorie count while providing a healthy, balanced meal.

Remember, if you need to cut corners to keep your cooking times down, you can always do it without introducing processed foods by relying on fresh fruits and prepared salads alongside your cooked proteins. That way, you can feed your clients well without taking time away from other aspects of their in-home care.