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How Yoga Can Benefit Seniors

By Patti Poisson

Yoga is a well-known form of exercise that works wonders for the body. It has been praised for being a low-impact option that is great for seniors. Yoga offers many benefits and can be a terrific addition to any senior’s in-home care routine. Here is a look at some of the top things older adults can get from incorporating this type of exercise into their daily routine.


Stronger Bones

Because yoga gentle works the body, including the muscles and joints, it is very beneficial to the bones. Yoga has been shown to do the following:


  • Stop the thinning of bones
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve joint health


As people age, their bones lose density, which can make them weak. Through slowing this thinning and providing more support to the bones through stronger joints, yoga is able to keep bones strong.


Less Anxiety

Yoga is also a very relaxing activity. It encourages a participant to reflect inwards and focus on taking his or her mind to a meditative space, which can do the following:


  • Calm the mind
  • Reduce stress
  • Encourage relaxation


Simply by taking a half hour to do yoga each day, a senior can learn to let go of all the stressful things that may bring about anxiety.


Lower Blood Pressure

Yoga can be helpful for those with high blood pressure. In yoga, there is a focus on controlled, deep breathing, which calms the nervous system and leads to the lowering of the blood pressure.


Better Respiration

In addition to lowering blood pressure, the deep breathing also encourages better respiration, so yoga is also an ideal exercise for the lungs. It has been shown many times that deep breathing exercises are quite advantageous for overall lung health.


Manage Weight

Anytime a person gets moving, it helps burn more calories and encourages weight loss. As a person ages, the metabolism slows and this leads to weight gain. A caregiver can help discourage weight gain by introducing yoga, which is easy for seniors to do and won’t place unnecessary strain on their bodies. 

Improved Balance

One of the biggest risks seniors face is falls. Falls cause countless injuries and deaths to older adults every year and are so common because older people have a reduced sense of balance. Yoga is perfect for improving balance and ensuring a person is more stable on their feet because focus is put on holding and maintaining balancing positions.


Yoga can be an effective addition to senior care activities designed to help promote health and independence. There are plenty of modifications for moves that enable this type of exercise to work regardless of a person’s abilities or current state of health. As a senior looking to boost your health, you may find it valuable to find out more about companion care services from Home Helpers of Lehigh Valley that can enable you to add yoga to your daily routine.