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At-Home Exercises You Can Do With Household Items

By Patti Soisson

Proper in-home care involves ensuring senior citizens remain physically active and can still do basic household tasks on their own. Luckily, staying in shape does not require a gym membership. There are plenty of exercises a caregiver can assist with in the comfort of the person’s home.


Chair Dips

With a standard dining room chair, you can do tricep dips. With your back to the chair, slowly lower your body until your legs create a 90 degree angle. Grip the edge of the chair seat. Using extremely controlled movements, lower and raise your body repeatedly to create 90 degree angles using your arms. Work your way up to 15 reps at a time.


Soup Can Sculpting

Enhance your shoulders with arm lifts using soup cans. Start by holding a soup can vertically in each hand. Turn cans horizontally, and move your arms to the side. Bend elbows, so your arms form 90 degree angles. Extend your elbows toward the sky so that the cans are now above your head.


Stair Climbs

If you live in a two-storm home, then you can use your stairs to your advantage. Simply walking up and down the stairs is a great way to burn calories. In the event you are a caregiver taking a senior to another building, then opt for the stairs in lieu of the elevator. Be there to help the person climb the stairs if necessary.


Milk Jug Weights

Instead of buying dumbbells, you can fill up empty milk jugs with water to use as weights. When filled, milk jugs typically weight around 8.5 pounds, so they are great for bicep curls. Try doing 10 bicep curls where you hold a jug in each hand. Some other exercises you can do with milk jugs include:


  • Halo swings
  • Rotational swings
  • Swings between the legs
  • Overhead presses


Your Body

When all else fails, you can get a good workout in by simply using your body. High knees, pushups, squats and burpees can all be done from the comfort of your own home. You can also invest in a yoga mat, and you can do some stretches on your own. All these toning and strengthening exercises will help keep you in shape without the need of buying a lot of expensive equipment.


Senior care from an empathetic caregiver can help keep an elderly individual more independent for longer. Obtain more information about a home care provider’s qualifications by scheduling a free in-home consultation with Home Helpers of Lehigh Valley through our online form.