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Choosing the Right Home Security System for Seniors

Choosing the Right Home Security System for Seniors

For today’s seniors, it’s more important than ever that they feel safe in their own homes. It seems like crime and home invasion is always in the news and that can be troubling for a person of any age, especially the elderly. Many seniors are on fixed incomes and think they can’t possibly afford a home security system, but even with tough economic times, it is easier than one might think to have a security system installed. However, when it comes to seniors, especially those who have dementia, not just any alarm system will do! Here are some things to look for when choosing a home security system for the senior in your life.

Remote System Activation
Seniors are often not as agile or quick on their feet, so they do not need a system that requires them to get up in order to turn it on or off. While most systems are activated through a keypad on the wall, today’s technology also gives several options for remote-controlled alarm systems. This would allow seniors to activate or deactivate the system anywhere in the house. The remote could stay with them at the bedside, making it easy to turn it on and off.

Alarm Sound Options
Most systems will put out a very high-pitched alarm to alert homeowners of any danger. Many seniors, however, have hearing difficulties and this poses new challenges if they remove hearing aids or other devices during sleep. They may not hear the tone of the alarm, but other options such as visual aids can help. The alarm system can be triggered to flash a bright strobing light that can arouse the person and alert them to a problem.

Extra-Large Keypad Buttons
If seniors have poor eyesight, keypads can come with extra-large buttons that are backlit. Ask the alarm company about easy to read buttons that also have clear images on the screen. You’ll want to get an alarm system that is easy to read and easy to operate, with as few complications as possible.

Personal Emergency Button
All seniors have a much higher risk of injury due to slips and falls. It is the number one reason elderly people are in the emergency room every year! If they spend any length of time on their own, they may not have an easy way to call for help. With an emergency alert button, the person can simply press the red button and it will automatically connect them to a call center who can summon help. The monitoring company would have all the information emergency personnel may need to enter the home and render aid. This part of a home security system alone is worth its weight in gold and can absolutely be life-saving! The medical alert button can be worn as a pendant or bracelet for easy access. In this way, not only is their home safe and secure, but they have instant access to help in a medical emergency as well. These systems can even detect falls and send help if the button is triggered.

Home security systems for seniors is a must. They are affordable and far easier than ever to operate. For more information on choosing a home security system for seniors, call us today!