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Political Insight

By Bonnie Roberts

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of politics.  So, you may ask, how do I manage through an election year?  Easy, the one aspect of politics that I do find interesting is the perspective of some of my senior clients.  I remember well a few years ago I had a fun conversation with a centenarian who remembers casting her first vote for FDR.  No, that’s not a typo, the first person she remembers voting for was Franklin Delano Roosevelt (although she thinks there may have been someone earlier in a local election).  We then had a lively chat about the political landscape, how women gained the right to vote, and how politics have changed through the years.

So if you are like me and get bored and frustrated with the never-ending political hype, spin it positive and use the elections as a way to gain insight into the past.  Break the taboo of “never talk politics” in public and initiate a conversation with your elderly loved one, and you just may be surprised by what you learn.

And please remember to help your elderly loved one and other seniors in your community make their voice heard by helping them participate in local and national elections.

Earlier this week I volunteered at our local town election in my role as the Chair of the town’s Senior Resources Committee.  The committee had been encouraging voters to vote in favor of Article 8 to allow for the expansion of the Londonderry Senior Center for the last month, and Tuesday we had a table at the election to remind them about the initiative.  It was great to see so many seniors out voting and so many other townspeople support our seniors by approving the expansion!

Current events and politics is a never-ending well from which to draw topics of conversations, promote reminiscing, and to exercise the mind. I highly recommend you “talk politics” with your loved one today!

Bonnie Roberts
Home Helpers of Londonderry