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Thanks for stopping by. We understand busy caregivers so we want to give you some shortcuts to make your life easier. We will be updating this page frequently with reviews of books, products, websites, technology, apps, local senior communities, and much more, so please check back often. Of course if you would like us to review anything in particular, please let us know!




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I love time-saving apps almost as much as I love exercising. Put the two together and I'm over the moon!

Sworkit is an app that allows you to choose from four categories (Stretching, Cardio, Yoga, and Strength), choose a time limit (in five-minute increments), and choose a particular program. Once the program begins, your personal trainer shows you how to perform each exercise and you also get a vocal reminder when to transition to the next exercise. It's wicked portable since none of the exercise programs require any equipment.

Don't have much time? Stuck in a hotel room? Stiff from being at your desk working on your computer all day? No worries, bring up Sworkit to snatch a quick workout or stretching routine. It will do you wonders!


The Dementia Concept by Joshua J. Freitas

The Dementia Concept by Joshua J. Freitas

I love this book. From the back cover:

"The Dementia Concept describes practical approaches that you can use to make interactions more pleasant and successful: by treating individuals with understanding, by connecting to what matters most to them, and by engaging them to be active participants in their own lives."

I've had the pleasure of taking several workshops with the author and I can attest to his entusiasm, knowledge, and insight into the world of dementia. I highly recommend this quick read for all those who work with or who love someone with dementia. It will help you improve their quality of life and ease your burden of care.

Finding Freedom at Home by Sam Sellers

Finding Freedom at Home by Sam Sellers

Finding Freedom at Home: The Ultimate Guide to Home Care by Sam Sellers, CAEd, is a simple yet comprehensive guide for those who find themselves dropped into this new reality unawares. From the back cover:

You're not alone. Countless families are currently navigating the waters of long-term care for an aging loved one. Like you, they have many questions, doubts and fears. My hope is that his book will provide you with the answers and guidance needed as you care for your loved one on this journey.

With over a decade working with and serving older adults, author Sam Sellers describes how in-home care of an aging parent can be empowering for everyone involved.

Because it is short, sweet, and to the point, I highly recommend Finding Freedom at Home for busy caregivers who are feeling overwhelmed with their circumstances.