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Finding Fun Things to Do

By Tiffany S

Finding Fun Things to Do

Our loved ones need to be stimulated mentally, physically, and socially to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to avoid depression. Below are some ideas to get you connected - and inspire your loved one to keep learning and have fun.

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Games and Exercise

  • Chair Exercises: You can make up your own, ask your physician, or purchase DVD’s. 
  • Walks: Even if it is just a once daily walk or even ride in a wheelchair outside, the fresh air and change scenery can make a huge difference in mood.
  • Outings: Take them shopping, to the park, to a favorite restaurant, etc.
  • Music:  Get new (new to them) CDs from the library to test out new music.
  • Electronic Games:  The Wii can also offer games that keep us sharp like puzzle and math games.
  • Play some old favorites: like cards, checkers, tic-tac-toe, 20 questions, trivia games, and cards. 

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Fun on the Go with Seniors

  •   Animals:  Visit a pet store or a zoo.
  •   Eating Out:  Go to a favorite restaurant in the afternoon when it is not busy and just get dessert and coffee.
  •   Entertainment:  See about concerts or plays at your local high schools and churches for low-cost/low-stress live entertainment.
  •   Special Events:  See if there are senior fairs going on in your community.  Check out senior day care facilities for special activities or just visit occasionally.
  •   See if there are local bingo place - Your loved one will likely grow to look forward to a routine social outing like that!

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