Caregiver of the Month

October: Melissa Sewell

Our October Caregiver of the Month has been awarded to Melissa Sewell!

We would like to thank Melissa Sewell for all her hard work and dedication she has shown with our company. Melissa is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone she encounters. She is always willing to work where ever and when ever she is needed. She has been a great asset to us during the time she has been a part of our team.

Thank you again for all you do Melissa!

September 2018: Diane Slusher

Our September Caregiver of the Month is Diane Slusher! CONGRATULATIONS Diane!!

We nominated Diane Slusher as Caregiver of the month because Diane is full of compassion and dedication to her clients and our company as well.
In the time that Diane has worked for us she has worked with several of our clients in unique situations and has covered last minute shifts many, many times. She is not only blessed as a wonderful Caregiver but has also had to deal with difficult situations.
Diane has been a Caregiver for many years and has worked with several of our clients that are veterans and clients with Alzheimers. Diane has been very helpful with our clients.
In other words, Diane is full of compassion and is always willing to go the extra mile and we want her to know that we, the clients, and client’s families are very fortunate to have her.
Many Thanks to Diane from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

July: Mckenzie Burke

We would like to CONGRATULATE Mckenzie Burke for being awarded our Caregiver of the month for July! Mckenzie is always hard working and she is always willing to pick up shifts if someone calls in sick and she truly goes above and beyond to help our seniors have a better quality of life.

Michael Stephens: May 2018 Caregiver of the Month.

We would like to congratulate Michael Stephens on winning the caregiver of the month award for May 2018. Michael has always been very dedicated to his job since the day he started with our company. He has helped in so many different cases when we have needed assistance. Every home we have Michael in they all love him because of his work ethic, personality and making them laugh. Thank you Michael for your dedication to our company.  

April 2018: Charlene Napier

We would like to congratulate Charlene Napier for being awarded Caregiver of the month for April 2018. She is always kind hearted, motivated and caring for everyone she is around. She is always pleasant to talk to and be around. Always works her schedules and even more at times and truly knows the meaning of being a caregiver. 

Bobbie Poynter:

We would like to congratulate Bobbie for our March Caregiver of the month. 

In the time that Bobbie has worked for us she has worked with several of our clients in unique situations and has gone in to cover last minute shifts. She is not only blessed as a wonderful Caregiver but has also had to deal with difficult situations. As a live-in Caregiver, Bobbie is very detail-oriented, systematic, and organized. Has stayed several times when Caregivers were running behind, and always does a thorough Caregiver Introduction. I personally like for Bobbie to be the first Caregiver to go into the home because she will be creative and think outside the box, to get the routine down and documented before any other Caregivers start their schedule in the home.

Febuary 2018: Jean Marshall.

Our team is pleased to announce that our caregiver of the month for February is Jean Marshall. She is always so caring to everyone she encounters, leaves an impression on everyone, she is an all-around great person. We would like to thank her for her hard work and dedication to our company and to our clients.

November 2017: Rhonda Amerson

We at Home Helpers would like to congratulate Rhonda Amerson for her integrity, honesty and hard work she has put in while working with us. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Rhonda is very compassionate and she is an exceptional caregiver who always goes above and beyond to provide excellent caregiving services to each client that she works with. Rhonda is many things, but most importantly she is sweet, kind and respectful to everyone around her. She is enthusiastic about her job and a very caring, dependable, and companionate caregiver.

October 2017. Joann Clark  

Joann Clark is an exceptional caregiver. She is always willing to go above and beyond for her clients. Joann works hard and is very dependable.

Joann is very caring and she is always willing to help when we need her. Thank you Joann, for your amazing service!! 

September - Brenda Bentley


Caregiver of the Month - Sherri Brown

Sherri is an excellent caregiver who continuously goes above and beyond for our clients. Sherri has a caring heart and truly loves being able to be help our clients in their homes. 

She truly embodies the mission and vision of Home Helpers. 

July 2017

We want to personally thank Shawna for being an amazing Caregiver that is dedicated to her clients and to the growth of Home Helpers each and every day.

Shawna has brought much time, dedication, commitment, sacrifice and joy to our clients. She is known for going the extra mile and rarely turns down a shift that we cannot find coverage for and has often covered in last minute emergencies.

Traveling is an important part of working as a Caregiver and she possesses strong time management skills and works with a rotating list of new and existing clients. Her schedule requires her to manage her time effectively as she drives between homes each day.

Shawna maintains an awesome and upbeat attitude that helps our clients feel safe, secure, and comfortable and has a natural understanding of personal care, housekeeping, and caters to our client’s needs throughout the day.

Thank you again Shawna for all that you do for each client and for us at Home Helpers, we greatly appreciate you!!!

June 2016

Dylan has routinely gone above and beyond for our patients and clients. Dylan is willing to do whatever is necessary and does not shy away from a difficult task. Dylan is often asked for by name by and has been recognized by clients and their families for the great care that he has provided.

Thank you Dylan for all you do and carrying out the mission of Home Helpers Home Care.

MAY 2016

If I had to describe Kim in 3 words , I would choose: Caring, trustworthy, and dependable. She is a very happy, cheerful and friendly Caregiver.

Kim is hard-working, service-focused and has a dedicated mindset to her role as a Caregiver in the home. She has a knack for problem solving and can work independently with very little over sight and is committed to improving overall client health and well-being through first rate personal care.

She excels in client and veteran care in and is skilled in personal care, mobility assistance, meal preparation, medication reminding and overall safety. She is skilled in CPR training and has performed the Heimlich Maneuver on one of our veterans in the last couple of weeks and saved his life.

Caring for someone who is ill can be a very difficult thing to do. We want Kim to know how much we appreciate her unselfish kindness. The words “Thank You” just don’t seem like enough to express our gratitude here at Home Helpers.