Why In-Home Care

In-Home Care is the Best Choice!

Most people prefer home care and for good reason. Home is a place of emotional and physical associations, memories and comfort.

Top 10 reasons why home care is a great choice for you and your loved ones:

1. Faster Release From The Hospital-  With home care, patients can come home sooner from the hospital. Quality home care can aid the healing process and help avoid hospital re-admissions.

2. A Very Good Substitute For Institutional Care- In some cases, depending on the severity of an illness or disability, home care can substitute for other forms of institutionalized care. Including hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. People are clearly happier when they can live in the comfort of home.

3. Involvement With Treatment- Both the client and
family members can be more intimately involved with care planning.

4. More Independence- You make the decisions and are in control which is a tremendous benefit.

5. Client Comfort- Being at home is much more comfortable for most people than being somewhere unfamiliar. They have everyday surroundings like photographs, books, bed, bath, kitchen, telephone, television: everything in its place which studies show have proven as an effective emotional healer.

6. More Access And Closer To Loved Ones- Unlike the restricted visiting hours at hospitals and nursing homes, home provides a place where family and friends can be close to the person at all hours, whenever needed.

7. Better Morale- Patients tend to have a greater sense of well-being and overall morale when they are in the comfortable surroundings of home.

8. Faster Recovery- Research has shown that recovery can be faster at home than in the hospital, particularly if there is good quality care available to the patient.

9. Lower Cost- Depending on the hours needed, home care can be much more affordable than nursing homes or other institutions.

10. Home Promotes Healing- Patients enjoy a much better quality of life which many families have said helped to extend the lives, health and happiness of their loved ones. They are in a familiar environment around their home and community in which they’ve lived for many years. This is particularly true with individuals suffering from dementia.

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