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Hospital Discharge for the Elderly and The Road to Recovery

By Joe Sander

As you get older, health issues become a primary concern. Big surgeries such as a hip replacements or broken bones can make the elderly anxious. After a surgery, many seniors want to get back to their normal routine as quickly as possible. Luckily, for surgeries such as hip replacements, recovery can be quickened with some help. The following suggestions create the best road to recovery after hospital discharge for the elderly:

Hire an In-Home Care Assistant 

When it comes to recovering quickly, hiring an in-home care assistant is crucial. Starting with a personal care assistant is the best way to begin your road to recovery. Personal care assistants go into your home and assist you with all of your daily tasks and needs. This reduces and eliminates the risk of accidental falls down the stairs and the chances of any re-injury. You will even get help with hygiene tasks such as baths or showers as well as cleaning your house, which are very difficult after you have had surgery. Companies such as Home Helpers provide the best personal care assistants for you or your loved one.

Make All Physical Therapy and Doctor’s Appointments 

The best way to stay on track and increase your recovery speed is to make sure that you make it to all of your physical therapy and doctor’s appointments. Going to physical therapy is crucial for increasing your mobility, which in the end gets your body back to its normal state. Further, by making it to all of your doctor’s appointments, your doctor can continually make sure that you are not injuring yourself more and are staying on the right track. Having an in-home care helper to encourage you or your loved one to keep up on physical therapy exercises and doctor’s appointments is a great idea for your road to recovery.

Companion Care

A final great suggestion for you or your loved one’s road to recovery is to switch to companion care after the injury is mostly healed. Companion care is when an in-home care employee comes and acts as a companion in the home. They treat their clients like friends and family and boost morale. This is exactly what you or your loved one needs after such a long journey from surgery to hospital discharge to ultimately recovering. We all need a companion to be there during the bad times and the good times!

Are You Ready to Start Your Road to Recovery?

The road to recovery becomes more and more difficult as you grow older. Hiring a homecare provider to help your loved one after being discharged from the hospital is an excellent way for a stronger as well as faster recovery. Starting with an in-home care assistant, making sure you are making it to all of your physical therapy and doctor’s appointments, and then eventually switching to companion care all pave the road to recovering. If you are interested in hiring a homecare provider, Home Helpers is a great company with professionally trained employees. You can checkout the link to their website or you can contact the company directly at 513-275-4767.