Why Home Helpers

Why Home Helpers for In-Home Care?

Making decisions on providing care for a loved one can be overwhelming. How do you know what’s right for your family’s unique situation? Is in-home care the right solution? Or does your loved one need more?

Your Extended Family When Family Can’t Be There

At Home Helpers Home Care, we’re here to do exactly what our name says: help. We’re more than an in-home health care agency – we’re your extended family when family can’t be there.

From our initial free in-home consultation to compassionate, caring in-home health care services to medical monitoring, we provide exceptional support for you, your loved one, and your entire family.

We work with you to create a customized care plan that matches your family’s needs, taking time to understand your unique situation through a step-by-step process for the best quality of life for your loved one and peace of mind for you.


We meet with you at no obligation to get to know you and understand your family’s needs, answer your questions, and assess care needs.


Our free home environmental assessment identifies potential hazards and helps ensure the home is safe for your loved one to age in place.


We know it can be difficult to open your home to a stranger, so we match every client with the most compatible caregiver, and we personally introduce caregivers and clients. When your loved one is partnered with the right caregiver, they become members of an extended family that provides compassionate, attentive care and the best possible quality of life.


We work within your budget and partner with your long-term care insurance provider to ensure your family’s care services fit your financial requirements.

Care When and Where It’s Needed

Our home care services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you know your loved one’s needs are always being met. We offer care when and where it’s needed, whether it’s at home, in a retirement community or assisted living, or skilled nursing facility.

We also help those recovering from surgery or injury, coping with a long-term illness, or managing an ongoing medical condition such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, or ALS. Whatever your family’s needs, Home Helpers can provide the care that makes the difference.

Locally Owned. Nationally Known.

Every Home Helpers agency is locally owned and operated by compassionate, professional members of the local community, ensuring the personal connections that make a real difference for your loved one’s care.

Serving Delhi, Bridgetown, Mack, Harrison, Colerain, Fairfield and Hamilton, Home Helpers has the resources and support to ensure we provide the very best in-home health care services, regardless of the level of service required.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

About the Immediate Need for Home Helpers:

When my dad was first released from the nursing home because insurance would no longer cover his stay, it immediately made a difficult time much more stressful. Although he wasn’t “sick” enough to be cared for in the nursing facility, he was not able to be left alone and caring for him was about to become a full time job for my mom. I’m an only child who lives out of town and my mother still works full-time, so we had an immediate and urgent need for help.

We were blessed to find Home Helpers so easily. With relative ease, we were able to arrange for care 3-5 days per week for my dad, so that both Mom and I knew that he would be safe and taken care of. It gave both of us tremendous piece of mind to have someone with dad during those times.

Our immediate needs were for medicine reminders/ meal preparation, occasional mishap clean ups, and mostly, general company or sitting for my dad. Because of the stress of my mom’s job at that time, on top of the stress of dad’s illness and recovery, it was crucial for us to have consistent and dependable care. Home Helpers was terrific about that. If the scheduled person had an illness or a personal emergency (which is bound to happen from time to time), we never had to go without. One of the owners of the company came to sit with dad, so that mom’s schedule was uninterrupted.

It is hard to bring someone (a stranger) into your home for this type of help, especially when it was an unexpected and quick change in health and need for my parents. Home Helpers was reliable, helpful, and even did some unexpected things to help my mom out around the house (like ironing!).

How OUR Needs Shifted A Bit After a Few Months:

As my parents have gotten into a bit of a routine, and my dad’s health has stabilized for now, their needs have evolved a bit. And Home Helpers still definitely delivers what they need. My suggestion to mom was to use Home Helpers for two reasons more than she did before: 1 - how can they make your life easier?; 2- how can they make dad’s life better? So, now Home Helpers is helping my dad run some errands, do some home maintenance things, and driving my dad to appointments or breakfast with friends, since he can no longer drive. This is in addition to the medicine reminders and meal prep. And, in the midst of all this, my mom had to have surgery and couldn’t drive for a few weeks, so they were able to help our family with a secondary need as well.

Home Helpers is a great short term or long term solution for people that cannot do it all themselves anymore. I’m very thankful that my parents were able to find the organization that was flexible enough and reliable to meet their needs."