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We Offer the Following Senior Home Care Services in Long Cove Club, South Carolina

24 Hour Home Care and Live-In Care Services in Long Cove Club SC

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Home Care in Long Cove Club SC

Senior Home Care Services in Long Cove Club SC

Parkinson’s Home Care in Long Cove Club SC

Companion Home Care Services in Long Cove Club SC

Personal Home Care Services in Long Cove Club SC

Respite Home Care Services in Long Cove Club SC

Post-Operative Home Care in Long Cove Club SC

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Senior Home Care Services

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

24 Hour Home Care

Personal Care

Companion Care

Respite Care

Home Care in Long Cove Club SC

In-Home Care for Your Loved One
Home Helpers Home Care of the Lowcountry can make life easier for you and your family by providing you with a compassionate and friendly caregiver to care for your elderly loved one in Long Cove Club. Our home care caregivers will assist your aging Mom and Dad so they can live life like they always have in the comfort of their own home. Our in-home care workers will gladly assist your senior relative with his or her day to day activities, like taking a bath, cooking meals, morning and afternoon strolls, visiting neighbors, enjoying their hobbies and many others. Although your loved one may not need 24/7 care, it will be so much easier for them to have someone help them with their usual activities during the times when you cannot be there to take care of them due to work or other responsibilities.

Home Care: Professionally Trained, Trustworthy and Compassionate Caregivers
Home Helpers of the Lowcountry has an excellent reputation of providing our clients in Long Cove Club with compassionate and friendly home health care, senior care and elder care. We believe that only people who are passionate about their work can efficiently take care of our seniors. All our caregivers are professionally trained and well qualified to perform home care assistance. Even though the services we offer are generally non-medical in nature, all are caregivers are well trained in first aid techniques and CPR procedures. We also provide health care workers with basic training about Alzheimer’s and dementia care so they are well-equipped to handle any delicate situation. More than their skills and knowledge, our caregivers are very trustworthy and empathetic by nature. We also make it a point to take into consideration the specific needs and health condition of each and every patient. Finally, all our caregivers are bonded for added security to our clients in Long Cove Club.

Home Helpers Home Care: Making Life Easier
We know how much you want to give your aging loved one in Long Cove Club the comfortable life they deserve. Sometimes all they really need is to stay in their own home with someone to give them a little help with their daily errands. We understand that although you want to be with your senior parent as much as possible, there are times you can’t be there. And that is why we are here.

We can help you in taking good care of your senior loved ones in Long Cove Club. Whether you just need a day off or a 24/7 companionship for them, we will make sure to provide you with the most suitable provider. If you have any question or inquiry regarding the services we offer, please do not hesitate to call Home Helpers of the Lowcountry.

Senior Home Care in Long Cove Club SC