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Home Care Elm Grove WI

Gentle and Friendly Homecare for Your Loved One
With our many years of experience in the home care industry including Elm Grove, Home Helpers of Greater Milwaukee understands what it’s like to have to care for an elderly loved one. As they’re getting older and weaker, you become more worried about their welfare and you look for solutions to the problem. But you have hurdles you can’t seem to overcome. You want them to live with you, but you may not have the space you need for such a living arrangement. Or you have to go to work and the same problem about their being alone surfaces once more. You may be hesitant about having them move to a nursing home. And in many cases, they may even stubbornly refuse to leave the house where they’ve raised their children and lived with their spouse.

Fortunately, Home Helpers Senior Home Care of Greater Milwaukee has the solution everyone can live with. Your elderly parent in Elm Grove will be able to live in the home that holds so much meaning for them, and you can breathe more easily knowing that caregivers are there to provide the necessary assistance for your aging parent.

Home Care: Professionally Trained, Compassionate and Trustworthy Caregivers
For Home Helpers caregivers, the top priority is to see to it that your elderly parent maintains a high quality of life even in this late stage of their life. One important function we provide is to remind them to take their medications on schedule, but that’s not the extent of our services at all. We can do so much more because though we are professionals we also take care to act as friends and family.

So we don’t set the timetable of our visits in Elm Grove. Instead, we will find the schedule that works best for your senior parent. We will look after them diligently, and we also take their health and frailty into account. So we will visit as friends do, with a warm greeting and an offer to help out with chores around the house. If your parent wants to cook, we will let them if they insist, but we will make sure that everything turns out alright. And if they find themselves too tired to keep up the chores, then we can do these things for your loved ones. It’s what friends do, and it’s a part of the job we don’t mind doing.

Home Helpers Home Care: Making Life Easier
With Home Helpers Home Care of Greater Milwaukee, you have the solution that makes lives easier. You’ll find relief knowing that your elderly parent in Elm Grove is looked after properly, and your aging loved one gets some much-needed assistance and some regular companionship. And we also satisfy the desire our caregivers’ desire to help out. They don’t have to leave a much-beloved home, and you don’t have to make space in your own small house. Everyone’s happy, and that pleases us as well.

Elm Grove WI senior home care

Elm Grove, Wisconsin

Elm Grove WI

Elm Grove is a village in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, United States. The population was 5,934 at the 2010 census. Elm Grove was named as America’s best suburb by Business Insider in October 2014.

Elm Grove, once part of the 36-square-mile Town of Brookfield, has retained not only its footprint since its incorporation in 1955 but much of its small-town charm as well.

Early settlers, including members of the Reusch, Reinders, Sanders, and Ramstack families, were first drawn to this fertile agricultural area during the mid-1830s. In 1848, the year of Wisconsin’s statehood, some industrious people decided to start laying more than 650,000 white oak timbers and planks to make it easier to travel the 58 miles from Milwaukee to Watertown. That is how our Village’s main thoroughfare, Watertown Plank Road, began.

In 1856, the railroad, later to be known as the Milwaukee Road, laid a track line which intersected the plank road, thus giving rise to even greater community development. Railroad officials charged with choosing a name to designate the stop apparently took one look at the vast growth of trees and said, “We’ll call it Elm Grove.” Before long, a U.S. Post Office, inn, train depot, general store, mill, and tavern were in operation.

An often-repeated tale describes the late-1850s journey of a group of nuns led by Mother Caroline Friess. These members of the School Sisters of Notre Dame happened to be traveling west on Watertown Plank Road when the horse that was pulling their wagon refused to budge from his spot near Juneau Boulevard. Considering it to be a divine sign, the sisters immediately purchased twenty acres from a local farmer and set about fulfilling their mission to build a convent, school, and orphanage. The rest is history.