24 Hour Care and Live-in Care

Live-In Care is a unique in-home care service we offer for seniors and those recuperating from illness. Live-in care helps support the fundamental desire of elderly clients who wish to age in place in their own home. 

Live-In Care is a great approach for someone who does not have acute health concerns, but rather the following:

• They live alone
• He or she would like to continue an active social life but no longer drives
• There are medical and social appointments that they would like to continue
• Family does not live nearby
• They live with family and the family travels extensively
• Is lonely and would benefit from companionship
• Might be suffering from early-to-mid-level cognitive challenges
• May currently be utilizing 10 to 12 hours/day in hourly shift care and whose family would desire more help in a more cost-effective way

Someone who is currently getting more than 12 hours of daily home care can save money by moving to a Live-In Care Model.  Further, daily care models of 10 to 12 hours per day can convert to 24/7 care for a nominal amount.  See a comparison of hourly care versus live-in care below.

Live-in Care Cost Savings

The cost of Live-In Care is done differently from traditional hourly in-home care services.  Per Federal Regulations, the live-in caregiver must have 8 hours of break time per day.  They do not leave the home during their break time, and are always “at the ready”.  Additionally, 5 of the 8 hours per day must be “uninterrupted sleep time”. A clinical assessment by our Nursing Team will determine if a client is appropriate for the Live-In Care or 24/7 Care Model. 

As is the case with all our caregivers, our live-in caregivers all must adhere to the following:

• They must pass a criminal background check
• They get annual flu shots
• They must have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance
• They must have a Social Security Card
• They are Licensed, Bonded and Issued
• Training and education programs are overseen by the Director of Nursing

As with our hourly shift care model, all our live-in care is monitored and managed by our nursing team.