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Getting Your Parent Involved During National Food Bank Week

By Denise Roskamp

Senior Care in Natick MA

October 16 through 22 is National Food Bank Week. This is a time to raise awareness about the risk of hunger and food insecurity that exists throughout the United States. As a family caregiver you should know that seniors are at a higher risk of suffering from hunger or food insecurity, which is the term used to describe households that do not have reliable and consistent access to the quantity and quality of food that they need in order to give their bodies what they need to thrive. Even if your parent is not at this risk, this week can be an important one in your caregiver journey with them. This can be a fabulous opportunity for your parent to get out of the house making a difference in the community. Volunteering boosts their mental and emotional health, reduces feelings of depression and anxiety, and supports a feeling of involvement, relevance, and value.

Some ways that your aging parent can get involved during National Food Bank Week include:

• Participating in a food drive. Each year food banks provide meals to millions of people who are in need of nutritious food. This food comes largely from donations from those throughout the community. Your aging parent can participate in one of these drives by donating food when they see a box in their local grocery store, house of worship, or community center. Check the website of your parent’s local food pantry to get a list of the foods that are most needed by that location.

• Volunteering in the food bank. The food bank operates primarily with the services of volunteers that comes into the centers to fulfill tasks from accepting and organizing donations, to filling boxes and bags to give to those who are in need. This is a great opportunity for your aging parent to interact with others and get both physical and cognitive activity.

• Serving in a soup kitchen. Many organizations throughout communities offer soup kitchens that prepare and serve meals to families who are in need. Consider contacting these organizations to find out if there are positions available for your aging parent to help with tasks such as meal preparation, meal serving, or even cleaning up.

Starting home care for your aging parent can be an exceptional way to help your aging parent maintain more independence, engagement, and activity as they age in place. An in-home senior care services provider can be with your aging loved one on a schedule that is right for your parent’s needs as well as the care efforts that you already give to them. This ensures that your parent gets the support, encouragement, assistance, and other personalized services that they need to live the lifestyle that they desire and deserve. When it comes to getting involved in the community, this care provider can provide your parent with safe and reliable transportation to wherever they need to be to participate in their chosen activities as well as emotional support, companionship, and encouragement.