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Helping Your Aging Parent Understand the Importance of Treatment Compliance

By Denise Roskamp

Elderly Care in Lincoln MA

Whether you have been your parent's family caregiver for a few years or are just at the beginning of your care journey with them, one concept you have likely heard a considerable amount about is treatment compliance. This is all about your parent making sure that they take the medications that they need to and follow through with the guidelines that their doctor has set forth for them so that they can manage their conditions and live the healthiest, most comfortable, and most fulfilling lifestyle possible. While you understand how important it is for your parent to keep up with these needs and comply with the instructions that their doctor gave them, many seniors are resistant to their care. Helping them to understand how critical this compliance is to their future health and wellbeing is a valuable way that you can support their responsibility for their own health and encourage them to make the most out of their aging years.

Use these tips to help your parent understand the importance of treatment compliance and guide them in keeping up with their doctor's guidelines:

  • Review the guidelines. Go over the information that the doctor gave your parent to refresh both of you about the specific details of the guidelines. This includes the medications that they are supposed to take, when they are supposed to take them, if they need to take them with food or water, and any side effects they may experience. This can remind them of what they need to do so that they feel more confident in their ability to comply.
  • Help them deal with side effects. Some seniors are resistant to their courses of treatment because of uncomfortable side effects. Talk to them about these effects and then go with them to their doctor to discuss them. The doctor may have recommendations for alternative treatments or ways that your parent can cope with the effects so that they are more likely to comply.
  • Offer reminders to keep them on track. Part of your parent's lack of compliance may be that they simply do not remember what they are supposed to be doing. Come up with ways that you can remind them to comply, such as setting a reminder to appear on their mobile device or leaving them a schedule on their cabinet. This will jog their memory so that they are better able to do what they need to do, when they need to do it.

Giving your aging parent the highest quality care is not just about the efforts you give them alone. Adding elderly care to your care routine is a fantastic way that you can help to support your parent's ongoing health and wellbeing in a way that keeps them safe, healthy, and strong, while also promoting independence. This elderly home care services provider will be there for your parent on the schedule that works for your loved one's specific needs so both of you can have peace of mind that they are in good hands even when you are not with them.