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Home Care Lohman MO

In-Home Care for Your Loved One
Many elderly parents in Lohman these days can be full of pride, unable to admit that they can no longer live safely and comfortably all by themselves. They refuse to move into the homes of their anxious children, nor are they willing to go to a nursing home. Instead, they insist on staying in their own house. And that’s why so many families need home care services.

With our friendly and highly trained caregivers, senior family members can still live in their homes without causing the rest of their family any grave concern for their safety and comfort. Worried children are relieved to know that caregivers are there to remind their sometimes forgetful elderly parents to eat right or to take their medications on time. They may need help with various household chores, including taking out the trash, dealing with the laundry and the dishes, and keeping the place neat. In other cases, perhaps the only assistance they need is for travel, when they have to have someone with them to get to the park to enjoy a nice walk, or to more urgent appointments such as to the doctor’s office. For these types of assistance, you can rely on our responsible caregivers to lend a hand when such help is required.

Home Care: Professionally Trained, Compassionate and Trustworthy Caregivers
The goal of Home Helpers Home Care of Mid-MO is to provide the elderly of Lohman with the necessary non-medical assistance they need. But that doesn’t mean that our caregivers are untrained in basic medical care. In fact, they undergo regular training for CPR and first aid, so they can provide immediate care while the emergency medical services are on their way. Our home care aides are even trained to interact properly with senior loved ones who may be beset by Alzheimer’s disease and other similar ailments. It’s our responsibility to make sure that our caregivers develop these rigorous capabilities, and we take our responsibilities seriously.

We also take great pains in ascertaining that our caregivers have the necessary emotional makeup to interact with the elderly. We screen them thoroughly through various interviews and exhaustive background checks, and we also verify their references very carefully. We make sure that our home care aides interact with the seniors with respect, compassion, and friendliness. And we add additional training in people skills to reinforce those emotional traits. We consider our workers as part of our family, and they will regard tour loved family members as part of their family as well. And as an extra layer of security, we bond each and every caregiver before we assign them to their in-house placement.

Home Helpers Home Care: Making Life Easier
We here at Home Helpers of Mid-MO have been in the home care industry for a very long time, and we have garnered excellent feedback and sterling reputation. We are the top choice for many families in Lohman, as we offer a very flexible schedule for your elderly loved ones. We can visit for a few hours each day to check in with your senior family members, or we can stay the whole day so we can watch over them on their daily activities. We may even offer a 24-hour round the clock presence so that even in the wee hours of the morning they can have someone available to offer assistance when necessary.

We value how much people love their elderly family members, and so our caregivers also act with great respect and compassion. Contact us for your needs, and together we can offer the assistance needed so that your aging parents and relatives in Lohman can stay in their beloved homes while they lead safe and comfortable lives.


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Lohman is a city in Cole County, Missouri, United States. The population was 1,547 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Jefferson City, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area.

A post office called Lohman has been in operation since 1882. The city was named after C. W. Lohman, a local merchant.