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Caregivers of the Month for August, 2017

By Frank Esterle

Congratulations once again to Maryann Boyce and Alice Wiekel for being chosen as the Caregiver’s of the Month for August.  We are super proud of you!  Thank you for everything. 

Maryann has been employed with HH’s since February of 2009!  Eight years with us!  Maryann is also a full-time employee with HH’s and she was one of the first CG’s that started that program with us.  While employed with us Maryann obtained here c.n.a. license and has truly dedicated herself to caring for people.  Maryann has been with some difficult clients and has been involved in many difficult client situations.  She has had her fair share of surprises while with us and we are so grateful to have her on the team.  

Alice Weikel – she is coming up on her two year anniversary with HH’s (September 23).   Due to her location, Alice has been able to help all three teams out over the years. Alice is highly skilled and has been very well received by  her clients.  While with HH’s, Alice completed her Bachelor’s Degree through the University of Phoenix and she continues to enjoy her CG’ing role.  Alice is able to work with some of our most difficult clients and is able to make lemonade out of the lemons.  Alice is also a full-time employee with us.