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Caregivers of the Month for July, 2017

By Frank Esterle

Congratulations to Colleen Weaver and Marie Bargor for receiving the Caregiver of the Month award for July, 2017.

Colleen was hired on September 7, 2004! She is one of our first caregivers and we are so proud of her dedication to Home Helpers and to her clients. In the 13 years that she has been with us, she has worked 6680 shifts and over 13,500 hours with approximately 84 different clients. Wow! In the time that she has been with us, she obtained her C.N.A. (2009) and she is currently working toward her MA certification. Colleen has several funny stories about various different clients. We all enjoy “walking down memory lane” with Colleen. Thank you Colleen for everything and congratulations!

Marie was hired as a live-in caregiver in October of 2013. In the four years that Marie has been with us she has had several clients but her most recent client, she has been with for over two years. The family has embraced Marie and truly has become a part of their family. Marie and her client interact daily like they are long lost friends. We are so very proud of Marie and all of her accomplishments. Thank you Marie for all that you do. Congratulations!