Caregivers Bios

Jennifer Henderson, C.N.A
On-call Caregiver for Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties
Jennifer has been with Home Helpers since April of 2011.  Jennifer is one of our On-call Caregivers.   She is a certified nursing assistant.  Jennifer, always the professional, walks into each new assignment like she has been there before.  She pays attention to detail and listens to her clients.  She always tries to figure out a way to handle difficult situations, and reaches out for help when needed.   Jennifer has a sense of humor and tries to look at the positives rather than dwell on the negatives.  Her hugs are meaningful and with purpose.  Her smile can light up the room, and her calm demeanor can put out a fire! 



Gina Rossetti, C.N.A.
On-call Caregiver for Bucks, Montgomery and the Lehigh Valley
Gina has been with Home Helpers since February of 2013.  Gina is one of our On-Call Caregivers and also does Scheduling. Gina is a Certified Nursing Assistant.  Gina is also a Certified Hospice Volunteer and Palliative Care Caregiver.  Gina has a calming approach which works well with our clients.  She comes across as a caring family member who has popped in for a visit but who will then give you a full shower and make you breakfast!  She communicates concerns to the staff and thinks through problems to come up with a solution.  Clients love her and want her back.



Maisa Duerr, C.N.A.
On-call Caregiver for Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties
Maisa began her career with Home Helpers in 2014. She became interested in healthcare while working in a banking institution. She pursued and received a degree in healthcare administration from The University of Phoenix in 2014. To gain additional experience and start her career in healthcare, Maisa decided to begin by getting more education and training. She enrolled in the 4-week Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) program at the American Red Cross. After graduating and passing the state exam, she began with two part-time jobs: one in a skilled nursing facility and the other with Home Helpers. According to Maisa, “I quickly found that working in the nursing facility really didn’t give me the personal satisfaction that I was looking for in a job, but it did provide some valuable hands-on care experience that I could use in the future. Home Helpers provided me the opportunity to work individually with people, so I could build relationships with them, and their families.” Maisa decided to accept more hours with Home Helpers, and in 2016, management recognized the value of her approach to caregiving, and promoted her to the full-time position of On-call Caregiver. Maisa resides in the Rhawnhurst section of Philadelphia.



Shamina Floyd
On-call Caregiver for Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties
Shamina has been with Home Helpers since April of 2014.  Shamina displays a gentle spirit with a spark who makes things happen!  She does an excellent job of communicating to the team about her shifts and home visits.  Clients often ask if she can be their ongoing caregiver.  She has learned a lot on her own and is always hungry to learn more!   She is very professional, kind and caring, and our clients love this about her.  Shamina has a charming nature about her , as well as, an “approach in neutral” way about her caregiver.  Shamina is always able and willing to jump in when necessary.



Cristina Kwant
On-call Caregiver for the Lehigh Valley, Upper Bucks and Western Montgomery Counties
Cristina has been with Home Helpers since December of 2014.  Cristina is often the point of contact for caregivers to reach out to and get instant support with a new client or existing client whose condition has changed.  Cristina has high moral integrity, sincerity, and compassion well beyond her years.  Her energy and her spirit are contagious.  She has a great sense of humor and often brings a smile or even laughter to our client’s when it is needed most.  Cristina is flexible and dependable.