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Gift Ideas for Seniors

By Jeffrey Stoker

"It's the thought that counts" takes on a deeper meaning when an aging loved one receives a gift. Often, especially during the holiday season, seniors can experience heightened feelings of loneliness or of being overlooked. However, if you're searching for a gift idea for a senior parent, grandparent, or loved one it can be a challenge to come up with something, especially after having received a lifetime of gifts. As we progress through life, our perspective on presents changes and takes on new meaning, as we come to value experiences more than possessions or items that are sentimental rather than something materialistic. We've compiled a list of thoughtful gift suggestions for the seniors in your life:
1. Compile a photo album of your loved one's life or specifically of the time you've spent together. Even a framed photograph is appreciated. If your loved one has grandchildren, a fun idea would be to have them each write a letter, share a cherished memory, or draw a picture if they're younger and bind them all in a book for their grandparent to look through often.
2. You can't go wrong with a comfy blanket or throw, and there are endless custom options-you can even have a throw made with a photograph! 
3. A personalized calendar with family photos and important dates including birthdays, holidays, or other significant times previously marked will bring smiles throughout the coming year.
4. Gift certificates to favorite restaurants or entertainment venues that your loved one enjoys can be used to promote socializing which can fend off winter blues or even Seasonal Affective Disorder.
5. If your loved one has been showing signs of feeling anxious in their home but haven't been willing to accept help, if they are a fall risk, or if you are in need of peace of mind while your loved one is on their own, a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) could be the solution. Other helpful devices are Automated medication dispensers or vital signs monitoring units. 
6. Grocery or meal delivery service. If your loved one is declining and trips to the grocery store are becoming a challenge, signing up for a grocery delivery service would alleviate the stress of having to go out. Call us today at (208)963-5655 for information on our grocery delivery service or look into making a donation for Meals on Wheels.
7. Oversized playing cards or jigsaw puzzles are helpful for those who enjoy games but have failing vision, as are large print game books with crossword puzzles, word searches, or Sudoku. Another idea for those with deteriorating eyesight are audio books, you can purchase a subscription from a service like An automatic card shuffler or a card holder can assist those suffering from arthritis. 
8. The gift of time. This is perhaps the most meaningful gift there is, and is invaluable. Many seniors are unable to drive or have limited mobility, leading to feelings of isolation. Simply spending time with your loved one can mean so much, and it's a great opportunity to create lasting memories. Taking them for a drive or out for lunch can break up the mundane schedule they may be living and lift their spirits during dreary weather. 
Gift giving doesn't have to be stressful or expensive, it truly is "the thought that counts"! 
Happy Holidays!