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The Caregiving Dilemma

By Jeffrey Stoker

The Caregiving Dilemma is a result of the stress felt when a loved one requires care and those needs are met by a spouse, son, daughter, or other family member. This can be an overwhelming undertaking, placing strain and stress on the relationship. The role reversal that occurs when children find themselves caring for parents often leads to tension within the family. provides a guide to assist families in "facing the facts" concerning vital topics to discuss with aging parents. By clicking the link to their website you'll find suggested questions to ask, keys areas of concern, and ways families can begin conversations. According to their site, "One of the most useful forms of help that adult children can provide for their parents is information about community resources that are available to enhance their independence." 

As a solution to the Caregiving Dilemma many families are utilizing senior home health care, an option that promotes independence by placing a compassionate, qualified caregiver in the home. This resolution reduces the feelings of guilt and confusion associated with the Caregiving Dilemma while providing the family with peace of mind knowing their loved one is receiving the care and assistance they need.