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A Positive View On Aging Could Prolong Your Life

By Jeffrey Stoker

According to a study done by a Yale researcher, having a positive outlook on getting older extends one's life by more than seven years. This is more than the longevity obtained by exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, or having low cholesterol. Another study done by researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health revealed that about one in six young and middle-aged adults in the U.S. would prefer to die before reaching the age of 80.
Catherine Bowen, the study's first author, said in a university news release that, "Having rather bleak expectations of what life will be like in old age seems to undermine the desire to live up to and beyond current levels of average life expectancy." She added that, "People who embrace the 'better to die young' attitude may underestimate their ability to cope with negative age-related life experiences as well as to find new sources of well-being in old age." 
At Home Helpers, we understand that all phases of life come with challenges. The challenges of aging should not outweigh the positive aspects of growing older. 
According to an article from AARP, some of the best things about aging include a happier outlook gained from life experience which allows us to obtain coping mechanisms that help us deal with hardship better than a younger generation. 
With age comes retirement, which includes having more time to spend with family and friends as well as enjoy activities we may not have had the time for in our younger years. This can be an exciting time for travel or gaining more knowledge on topics of interest, learning or developing talents and hobbies, or being able to devote time to charitable organizations and our communities. 
Just as Betty Friedan famously said, "Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength." If we can look toward our senior years with positivity and a sense of excitement, that chapter of our life can be just as enjoyable as any other, if not more so.