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Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

By Jeffrey Stoker

For most people, fresh air and sunshine bring thoughts of decluttering and deep cleaning, as well as a desire for organization. This can be an overwhelming task if we don't know where to begin. A great place to start is by decluttering your home one room or one drawer at a time. Remember, it doesn't all have to be done in a day and if you break it down it becomes much more manageable. For instance, if you're wanting to organize the kitchen, set aside time each day throughout the week to work on that particular project.

Over the years we each accumulate a lot of "stuff", most of which goes unused but, for various reasons, we still hold onto it. Parting with these types of items will declutter your home and this can be done by separating your possessions into three piles: Yes, No, and Maybe. The Get Organized Wizard provides ways to know which category each item fits into and what to do if you just can't decide. You can also use the Clean Slate Method.

Once you have decluttered the room, look for opportunities to reorganize by gathering important documents and filing them somewhere accessible in the event of an emergency. Other organizational opportunities might include adding grab bars in bathrooms as well as disposing of expired foods and medication.

Once the house has been decluttered and organized, move on to the tasks like dusting and mopping. Cleaning windows, removing tripping hazards, and replacing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries can also be added to the to-do list, but recruit friends or family to help. Another set of hands lightens the load and will minimize the possibility of injury when attempting to lift something or move furniture. If a ladder is needed for a job, be sure to have someone do that for you, as this is a great fall risk.

All of this decluttering, organizing, and cleaning can be tiring. Listen to your body and don't overexert yourself or stress about getting everything done at once. Making a list can start you out with a sense of organization from the beginning and gives a sense of accomplishment as you complete each task. Be sure to take time to enjoy the sunshine!