Reverse Mortgage Advisor

AAG Reverse Mortgage Advisors

A Reverse Mortgage is an equity loan on a Senior (age 62+) Borrower’s home that needs no repayment as long as they live in their home. This loan has changed lives.

AAG Reverse Mortgage Advisors
3800 W. Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA 92868

Renee Trommler
Tel: 888-684-0970 ext. 8199


Robert and Renee’ Trommler are a married couple working as a team in representing AAG as Reverse Mortgage Professionals / Loan Officers.

They have a combined total of over 20 years of experience in Real Estate, Residential Finance, Financial Planning and Reverse Mortgage.

Their training and experience gives them the ability to educate and assist their clients and loan candidates so they have a clear understanding of how this unique financial option could work for them.

But it is their faith and personal passion and commitment to serve that permits them to connect with the people they meet and to make authentic recommendations based on what is truly in their client’s and candidate’s best interests.

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