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What Makes a Shoe Safer for Your Elderly Loved One?

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Many family caregivers don't think about shoes when it comes to keeping their elderly loved ones safe. The fact is, though, that having the right shoes can make a tremendous difference in your loved one's overall safety. Here are some things to look for when it comes to footwear for your loved one.

Having a Solid Sole with Grip

Your elderly loved one needs a shoe that has a sturdy sole so that she's got a solid base under her feet. It also helps significantly if that sole has some grip to it. Some shoe manufacturers accomplish that by using a "grippier" material while others add texture to the sole to give it more grip.

Laces or Other Secure Closure

Your loved one's shoes can't do much for her if they won't stay on her feet, so secure closures definitely come in handy. While laces are optimal, they can be difficult for your elderly loved one to manage on her own. If that's the case, consider finding shoes that have a Velcro closure or look for elastic laces that allow your loved one to pull on her shoes.

A Supportive Upper

The upper is the portion of the shoe that exists above the sole. Generally it's the part that covers your loved one's entire foot, top, sides, and back. Having an upper that is floppy or otherwise too soft to stand up on its own doesn't give your loved one's foot much support. As a result, she can easily stumble or twist her foot while she's walking. Instead, look for shoes that have a firm, supportive upper.

Being the Correct Size

Wearing shoes that are the wrong size can be annoying for your elderly loved one, but more importantly, it can also damage her feet. To make sure that your loved one is wearing the right size shoe, take her to a shoe store and have her feet professionally sized. That way you know for certain what size is the right one for her. You can also start tossing those shoes that are either too large or too small for her feet.

Work with your loved one and her elderly care providers to weed out the shoes that aren't right for your loved one any longer.

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