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Elderly Care Tips: Gifts from the Garden Month

By Erin Carll

Elderly Care in Pittsburgh PA

Many elderly adults love getting out and gardening, and giving gifts is one of the great joys of life, so why not encourage your parent to combine the two? May is Gifts from the Garden Month. During this month, encourage your parent to use their love of gardening and nurturing plants to create meaningful, useful gifts for those that they love. These gifts do not need to be for any particular event or occasion, as "just because" gifts are often the most delightful, but they can also be a wonderful option for a bridal shower, wedding, birthday, anniversary, or even Mother's Day. 

Giving gifts that require effort and energy are always the most meaningful. By giving a gift that involves something that they grew your parent is showing their recipient how much they matter to them and that they have truly been thinking about them. These gifts are like giving a little bit of themselves and sharing something that they truly love with a person who means a great deal to them. This is also fantastic for those seniors who live on a limited budget or who do not get out to shop as often. They may want to give gifts or offer tokens of affection, but do not feel that they have the ability. Gifts that come from their garden are affordable and accessible while still being useful and meaningful.

Let these ideas inspire you and your parents for gifts that you can offer with the harvest from your parent's garden during Gifts from the Garden Month:

• Pickled vegetables. Pickles are a delicious accompaniment to a wide variety of foods and can even be used as ingredients in many springtime meals. They are also quite simple to make. You do not have to limit yourself just to classic cucumber pickles. Instead, find recipes for pickled versions of the fruits or vegetables that your parent has in their garden. If you are planning on giving these several days after making them or with the intention of them being kept for a while before enjoying, make sure that you use proper canning techniques to preserve them safely.

• Jams and jellies. Pepper, berries, and many other fruits and vegetables can be transformed into delicious jams, jellies, and preserves. Use a pressure canner for the safest processing and add a handmade card or ribbon for a pretty touch. Be sure to include what the food is and a suggestion or two for how to enjoy it.

• Floral arrangements. Your parent's gift from the garden does not have to be something that is edible. They can also take advantage of beautiful blooms that show up during the springtime. A fresh bouquet is a beautiful offering when visiting or as a table setting. If your parent is very creative, they can also use fresh flowers to make beautiful gifts such as stationery with embedded flowers or a glass tray with pressed flowers preserved in between panes of glass for a lovely addition to a tea set.

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