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Promoting Wellness When Caring for a Senior Loved One

By Erin Carll

Elderly Care in Allison Park PA

Elderly Care in Allison Park PAWhether you are just getting started on your elderly care journey with your aging parent or have been caring for him for years, wellness is something that you have likely heard a considerable amount about. Understanding what this really is and taking steps to promote it in your regular care routine can help you to give your loved one the highest quality of life possible throughout his aging years.

Wellness goes beyond just a healthy body. Being truly well means maintaining health in the mind and the body, and seeking to life a lifestyle that supports this ongoing health. Often working to keep your parent healthy is a divided approach. You might have a germ control plan that you use to prevent illnesses and injuries, a dietary approach to give his body what it needs, and set up reminders so that he takes his medications at the right time each day. While each of these activities does encourage health from one angle, wellness is about making a more balanced approach. This means that you are not just thinking about each aspect of your parent's health as a single, isolated issue. Instead, you are taking the time to consider his health as one larger issue and focusing your efforts on supporting it as a whole.

When thinking of wellness you must also go beyond just thinking about your parent's body and also think about his mind. True wellness is about mental and emotional health as well as physical health. Taking a combined, complementary approach to these issues allows you to encourage your parent to live a safe, healthy, comfortable, and fulfilling quality of life as he ages in place.

Use these tips to help you promote wellness throughout your elderly care journey:

Focus on physical activity. Getting enough exercise is not just about controlling weight and supporting a healthy heart. Making sure that your parent stays active is also about supporting his mental health as well. Physical activity releases endorphins that make your parent feel happier, and studies have shown that consistent regular exercise wards off feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety. Finding activities that involve other people is also a fantastic way to get more social interaction into your parent's life, which takes the activity another step further in supporting overall wellness.

Keep him social. Social engagement is vital for mental and emotional health. Interacting with others on a regular basis is essential to ridding him of feelings of loneliness and isolation, and supporting a greater sense of involvement and value. Achieve this for him by planning activities with the entire family, encouraging him to get involved with activities, and even hiring an elderly health care services provider to provide reliable transportation so that your parent can be more active.

Ease his stress. Stress can be difficult for your parent mentally, emotionally, and physically. Helping him to understand the risks of stress, identify the causes of the stress in his life, and find ways to control and minimize this stress protects his wellbeing. Look into activities such as tai chi or yoga to bring the connection between mind and body into focus as he eases stress and works to keep it under control.



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